Strike Back

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  • Premiered: May 2010
  • Episodes: 56
  • Followers: 1882
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  • Ended
  • Sky1
  • Wednesday at 9


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Season 6 Disqus
Retribution: Episode 1
Air date
Oct 31, 2017
The man behind some of the worst terrorist attacks on the west escapes during a prison break masterminded by his British wife, and Col Adeena Donovan needs the situation cleared up .. show full overview
Retribution: Episode 2
Air date
Nov 07, 2017
Section 20 start to close in on terrorist Omair Idrisi and his wife Jane Lowry, but the team is forced to extract devious arms dealer Morgan Ives from Libya.
Retribution: Episode 3
Air date
Nov 14, 2017
As Jane Lowry surfaces in Budapest, Mac and Wyatt are forced to go undercover to infiltrate a dangerous group of white supremacists that has something she needs.
Retribution: Episode 4
Air date
Nov 21, 2017
Things aren't looking good for Mac. He's blown his cover and is now facing certain death. Donovan digs into Zarin's past... and she doesn't like what she learns.
Retribution: Episode 5
Air date
Nov 28, 2017
Section 20 must stop Lowry and Dr Markov from making and unleashing a deadly chemical weapon. In desperate need of intel, Novin infiltrates a drug lord's home.
Retribution: Episode 6
Air date
Jan 31, 2018
Lowry calls on a young jihadi to unleash the deadly gas in a busy airport, while Reynolds is forced to make a life-defining decision as Section 20 races to prevent the attack.
Retribution: Episode 7
Air date
Feb 07, 2018
It's Section 20 vs Jane Lowry in a race to get to Omair Idrisi. It's a mission that hurls comms officer Jensen into extreme danger.
Retribution: Episode 8
Air date
Feb 14, 2018
Jensen starts to delve into Project Tenebrae, while Mac and Wyatt head to the black site where Idrisi is imprisoned to break him out before Lowry gets to him
Retribution: Episode 9
Air date
Feb 21, 2018
The team run into trouble as they race to get Idrisi back across Europe. The surprises keep coming as they learn the truth about Jensen and Project Tenebrae.
6x10 Show finale
Retribution: Episode 10
Air date
Feb 28, 2018
Section 20 are desperate to clear their names. And to do so, they hatch a big and wreckless plan.

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Season 6 Disqussion