Robot Chicken

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  • Premiered: Feb 2005
  • Episodes: 167
  • Followers: 1104
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  • Adult Swim
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Season 9 Disqus
Hey I Found Another Sock
Air date
Dec 17, 2017
Writers must take Fury Road to get into the office; Beavis moves on from his life with Butt-head; Robot Chicken's Nerd is a guest in Westworld.
The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who's Walking
Air date
Dec 18, 2017
This episode has no summary.
Scoot to the Gute
Air date
Jan 07, 2018
The crew wonder if Doc McStuffins can handle it in the emergency room; investors are less than thrilled with the first generation of hosts from "Westworld"; the Scooby gang tell each other how they really feel, with dangerous results.
Things Look Bad for the Streepster
Air date
Jan 14, 2018
Daniel Tiger is taught the toughest lesson of all; Nerd looks behind the curtain at Nick's Arcade and hates it; Jabberjaw goes on a much-needed vacation—to Amity Island.
Mr. Mozzarella's Hamburger Skateboard Depot
Air date
Jan 21, 2018
The team discover the emotions of adulthood in "Inside Out 2"; the pig from Black Mirror tells all to Howard Stern; the Nerd forces his way through "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."
Strummy Strummy Sad Sad
Air date
Jan 28, 2018
Robot Chicken joins the dinosaur revolution as Fred Flintstone runs for his life; Sebastian has union trouble with his orchestra; the MCU hold an intervention for Jessica Jones.
3 2 1 2 333, 222, 3...66?
Air date
Feb 04, 2018
RC wonders how Harriet the Spy would fit into the modern world of Cyberwarfare. The Midnight Society figures out what is truly scary. Alvin and the Chipmunks play Coachella for the first and last time.
We Don't See Much of That in 1940s America
Air date
Feb 11, 2018
Miss Frizzle goes to great lengths to survive when the Magic School Bus crashes in the mountains; Harry Potter relives his golden years; Dominic Toretto gets fast and furious with the Titanic.
Ext. Forest - Day
Air date
Feb 18, 2018
The writers can't get a grasp of Fight Club's rules; Zack Morris takes a time out with the Avengers. Also: musings about whether old Rose's Titanic flashback was just a tall tale.
Factory Where Nuts Are Handled
Air date
Feb 25, 2018
Robot Chicken wants to expose the monster in its pocket; Megatron goes too far in Beast Wars; Wile E. Coyote sees if he can Get Away With Murder.

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