Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

  • Premiered: Jul 2015
  • Episodes: 11
  • Followers: 23
  • Ended
  • Fuji TV
  • Thursday
  • Anime Crime


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Season 1
The Human Chair, Part 1
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 03, 2015
One morning, a junior-high student, Kobayashi, wakes up and finds himself in his classroom with his homeroom teacher’s body. In his hand is a murder weapon. A high-school detective, Akechi, is called in to assist the police to solve the case.
The Human Chair, Part 2
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 10, 2015
Kobayashi has been arrested. It seems that he’s been charged with additional crimes. Before the police take him away, he whispers something to Hashiba. What will happen to him? Who is the real killer? Will he be able to solve this crime?
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 17, 2015
Nine girls have been abducted in two months and the police suspect that Shadow-Man, a master of disguise and gentleman thief, might be the kidnapper. When Akechi declines to take part in this case, Kobayashi asks if he can investigate it instead.
Twenty Faces
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 24, 2015
A man who calls himself Twenty Faces commits a series of murders. His victims are all criminals who have escaped justice and have not atoned for their crimes. Before he kills, he posts a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 31, 2015
In an interrogation room, Twenty Faces reveals what made him decide to operate outside of the law to punish criminals.
A Glimpse into Hell
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 07, 2015
Akechi’s chaotic day starts when Kobayashi finds an abandoned kitten at the front door of the Akechi Detective Agency. Kobayashi wants to keep the kitten, but Akechi does not approve. Then another incident occurs. This time, Shadow-Man is involved.
The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, Part 1
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 14, 2015
As Kagami predicted, more Twenty Faces have been appearing, ten in the previous month, and now in the current month, the fourth one has just appeared. Akechi and Nakamura head to Panorama Island to inspect the latest crime scene.
The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, Part 2
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 21, 2015
Joined by Kobayashi and Hashiba, Akechi solves the crime committed in the exhibition hall on Panorama Island. After coming back from the island, when Kobayashi and Hashiba stop by the office as usual, Akechi starts telling them about his past.
Terrifying Mistake
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 04, 2015
Akechi spends his days and nights trying to figure out the formula that he and Namikoshi created in order to put an end to the Twenty Faces case. Being very curious about the formula, Kobayashi skips school to help Akechi with his work.
A Desire for Transformation
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 11, 2015
The man pulling the strings of the latest Twenty Faces crime was Namikoshi, who everyone thought died three years ago. He starts talking about his junior high school days and how he came to start working on the formula with Akechi.
1x11 Show finale
The Daydream
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 17, 2015
Namikoshi is trying to change the world using the power of Twenty Faces. Those who are dissatisfied with society gathered to support Namikoshi and his law. What is Namikoshi trying to .. show full overview

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