• Premiered: Sep 1974
  • Episodes: 19
  • Followers: 21
  • Ended
  • BBC One
  • Thursday at 20
  • Comedy Crime


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Season 2
Just Desserts
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 24, 1975
There's an outbreak of petty pilfering from the inmates in Slade prison. Fletcher is disgusted - after all, stealing may be a job on the 'outside', but it's despicable when it happens 'inside'.
Heartbreak Hotel
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 31, 1975
Godber gets bad news from his girlfriend. Fletcher tries to provide help and advice, but perhaps daughter Ingrid might provide a more suitable solution to Godber's problems
Disturbing the Peace
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 07, 1975
When Mr Mackay leaves Slade Prison, Fletcher thinks that "happy days are here again". Until, that is, he meets Mr Mackay's replacement.
No Peace for the Wicked
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 14, 1975
It's Saturday afternoon and Fletcher looks forward to a quiet read. Everyone else seems to have other ideas about how Fletcher should be spending his time.
Happy Release
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 21, 1975
Fletcher is having a spell in the prison hospital with a broken ankle. He's sharing a ward with old Blanco, who tells him that another inmate has swindled him out of his belongings in a .. show full overview
2x6 Season finale
The Harder They Fall
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 28, 1975
Godber takes up boxing and wins a place in the prison championship, so Fletcher sees a chance for a bit of a flutter. Then Harry Grout takes an interest and insists that the fight is .. show full overview

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