Nighty Night

  • Premiered: Jan 2004
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 17
  • Ended
  • BBC Three
  • Tuesday at 22
  • Comedy Crime Thriller


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Season 2
Episode One
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 06, 2005
Jill is picking up the pieces of her life after the murders at the end of the last series. She has managed to frame ex-boyfriend Glen for them.
Episode Two
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 13, 2005
Jill and Linda drive down to Cornwall as Jill goes in search of Cath and Don. On the way, Jill runs over a black woman and discovers that she was going to a job interview at The Trees, .. show full overview
Episode Three
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 20, 2005
Jill arranges an encounter with Don's girlfriend in an attempt to discourage her, while Cath pursues a relationship with her therapist.
Episode Four
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 27, 2005
Jill is still pursuing Don, even after finding out that Cathy is pregnant with Don's child, but her attempt to seduce Don is unsuccessful, so she seduces his 12-year-old son instead.
Episode Five
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 04, 2005
Jill decides that the only way left to infiltrate herself into the Cole household is to emulate Cath's pregnancy, and announces that 12-year-old Bruce is the father. Don responds by going into a persistent state of drunkenness.
Episode Six
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 11, 2005
Jill's lies are finally catching up with her. The man she framed for her husband's murder, Glen Bulb, escapes from the mental hospital. And Cath is becoming suspicious of Jill's "pregnancy", which is now entering its 11th month.

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