Bob's Burgers

  • Premiered: Jan 2011
  • Episodes: 272
  • Followers: 5131
  • Running
  • FOX
  • Sunday at 21
  • Animation Comedy


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Season 14
Fight at the Not Okay Chore-ral
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 01, 2023
When Linda and Bob suggest the kids do chores, the family ends up in a showdown.
The Amazing Rudy
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 08, 2023
Rudy attends an important dinner. The Belchers make an important casserole.
The Pickleorette
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 22, 2023
Bob and Linda help Gretchen throw her sister's bachelorette party. Meanwhile, Tina forces Gene and Louise to play a board game they found on the street.
Running Down a Gene
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 29, 2023
Gene tries to learn how to lucid dream in order to recover the world's most perfect song that he wrote while asleep. Meanwhile, Louise and Tina try to trap a cricket whose chirping is keeping Linda up at night.
Bully-ieve It or Not
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 05, 2023
The Belcher kids learn a secret about Zeke's past, while Bob rekindles his feud with Jimmy Pesto.
Escape From Which Island?
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 12, 2023
Mr. Fischoeder enlists Bob to be his personal chef for a glamping trip on his exclusive club's secret island. Meanwhile, Linda gives the kids a crash-course on cocktail party etiquette.
The (Raccoon) King and I
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 19, 2023
During a neighborhood block party, Linda makes a mistake that could threaten the life of her favorite alley raccoon.
Wharf, Me Worry?
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 26, 2023
During their special day at the wharf with Big Bob, the kids get into trouble with the Wharf's newest fortune-telling giant clam.
Fraud of the Dead: Zombie-docu-pocalypse
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 03, 2023
A documentary film profiling world class archer Louise Belcher is interrupted by unexpected visitors.
The Nightmare 2 Days Before Christmas
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 17, 2023
When the power goes out two days before Christmas, The Belchers must spend the holiday at Mr. Fischoeder's family's old hunting lodge.
14x11 Midseason finale
Mission Impossi-Bob
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 07, 2024
Teddy gets stuck in an underground survival bunker, and he calls on Bob to find him and get him out.
Jade in the Shade
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 10, 2024
On a tour of the town's bootlegging history, Linda and Louise stumble into a treasure-hunting adventure. Meanwhile, Bob, Tina and Gene play host to a group of street performers looking to settle a beef.

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