• Premiered: Jul 2016
  • Episodes: 25
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  • Ended
  • AT-X
  • Monday at 22
  • Animation Anime Comedy Drama


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Season 2
Of All the Embarrassing Things to Be Caught Doing...
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 11, 2017
It has been a year since Aoba had graduated from high school and joined the game production company, Eagle Jump, and now, the season to welcome new employees has arrived. Aoba is very .. show full overview
This Is Just Turning into Cos-purr-lay!
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 18, 2017
The character design competition gets announced at their flower viewing. Just like Ko’s designs for “Fairies’ Stories” was chosen right after she had joined the company after graduating .. show full overview
Ooh, I'm So Embarrassed!
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 25, 2017
Aoba’s dream of becoming a character designer comes true, though she has to touch up on the designs with Ko, and has to get everything finalized by Ko. Aoba sees that her designs that .. show full overview
How Dense... Can You Be?
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 01, 2017
“Moon Ranger” started off as a girls’ anime series, but because of its high quality, it was highly regarded by adults and was made into theatrical releases as well as live shows. After .. show full overview
Hey! Don't Touch Me There!
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 08, 2017
Hifumi is now the character team leader and uses all of her courage to ask Aoba and Yun about their progress on their 3D models. Both Aoba and Yun are used to Ko being the leader, and .. show full overview
Ah... That's Amazing...
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 15, 2017
Things are going well for Aoba and her job as the character designer, as her desk piles up with a ton of prints that need to be checked or redone. Seeing the giant pile of papers on her .. show full overview
I'm Sensing a Very Intense Gaze
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 22, 2017
Aoba is asked by Umiko to sit in on an interview for a new programmer. Aoba asks Umiko if it’s really okay for her to sit in on this interview, since she knows nothing about programming, .. show full overview
I'm Telling You, I Want a Maid Café
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 29, 2017
Aoba and the other members of the character team are put in charge of figuring out where to have the welcoming party for the two new interns, Momiji and Tsubame. According to Hajime, .. show full overview
At Least Put a Shirt on!
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 05, 2017
Hajime and Yun go to see an Insect Five hero show at an amusement park. After the show, Hajime gets in line for a handshaking event with the cast members, when her friend from high .. show full overview
It's Gonna Really Break the Immersion
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 12, 2017
Tsubame creates the red light green light mini game that Hajime thought up in PECO. However, Aoba sees the mini game and comments that something is lacking. However, Hajime sees the .. show full overview
What's Hidden in Your Heart
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 19, 2017
Tsubame gets done with her work early and is praised by Umiko about how fast she is. Nene is annoyed by how this is making Tsubame act, and while reading some of Tsubame’s code while .. show full overview
2x12 Show finale
Make Sure You Buy It!
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 26, 2017
PECO’s master has finally been upped and an event was held, honoring its completion. The anticipation for PECO is pretty high, and a decent-sized crowd showed up for the event. Aoba and .. show full overview

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