Mistresses (US)

  • Premiered: Jun 2013
  • Episodes: 52
  • Followers: 3045
  • Ended
  • ABC (US)
  • Monday at 22
  • Drama Romance Soap Thriller


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Season 1
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 03, 2013
As Savannah and her husband are faced with fertility issues, Savannah finds herself attracted to a flirtatious colleague; recent widow April becomes convinced that her husband is actually still alive; Karen deals with the ramifications of an affair.
The Morning After
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 10, 2013
While Karen counsels Savi to hold a beat before confessing to husband Harry about her night with Dominic, Savi gets an entirely different reaction from April. Meanwhile, April .. show full overview
Breaking and Entering
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 17, 2013
Tensions escalate at work between Savi and Dom; Joss's new boss Olivier -- very French and very unimpressed with her -- gives her an impossible assignment; and Karen continues to be drawn into the dysfunctional Grey family orbit.
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss?
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 24, 2013
Savi finds out she's pregnant and knows there's a good chance the baby is indeed Harry's and not a result of the one-time affair she had with Dom. Joss finds herself befriending her gay .. show full overview
Decisions, Decisions
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 01, 2013
Savi is anxious to find out her paternity test results, while trying to hide her pregnancy from Harry. Meanwhile the friendship between Joss and her gay client, Alex, takes an .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 08, 2013
Savi desperately tries to make things right with Harry, but he continues to avoid her and discussion of their future; Karen is frightened when, on the heels of the insurance .. show full overview
All In
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 15, 2013
Joss, terribly hurt that Savi hid her pregnancy and her illicit affair from her, moves in with April; Harry and Dominic angrily face off at a social event; Karen meets up again with .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 22, 2013
Savi wants to fight for her relationship with Harry, even if the baby is Dom's; April is still reeling from the revelation that her supposedly dead husband, Paul, is actually alive; .. show full overview
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 29, 2013
When Savi and Joss’s free-spirited, open-minded and often absent mother, Janet, comes for an unexpected visit, she brings big news but also stirs up some long-simmering family tensions. .. show full overview
Indecent Proposals
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 19, 2013
As single mom-to-be Savi begins to grasp that Harry may never be coming back, Dom offers her a shoulder to lean on. April is furious when Paul shows up at Lucy's school and shares her .. show full overview
Full Disclosure
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 26, 2013
Karen begins her deposition into her possible role in the death and cover-up of her lover, Thomas Grey, where his son, Sam, has promised to be her alibi. Dominic surprises Karen when he .. show full overview
When One Door Closes...
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 02, 2013
The judge delivers a shocking ruling in Grey Vs Kim. While the case is closed, there is even more trouble on the horizon for Karen; Paul helps a frantic April search for Lucy after the .. show full overview
1x13 Season finale
I Choose You
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 09, 2013
The ladies plan a lavish birthday getaway to Palm Springs for Savi, but the fates conspire against them, as Joss realizes Harry has stolen the test results that would reveal whether he .. show full overview

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