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  • Premiered: Nov 2009
  • Episodes: 37
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Season 3
Episode One
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 30, 2011
Rudy gets a rude awakening in his first few days of community service, learning that with the keys to the infamous locker room comes a great deal of running, screaming and, in some .. show full overview
Episode Two
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 06, 2011
Curtis uses his new gender-swap power so that he can compete again in the sport of athletics. There ends up being a complication when Curtis falls for Emma, one of the other athletes. .. show full overview
Episode Three
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 13, 2011
Still trying to fulfil his destiny by becoming SuperHoodie, Simon saves Peter, a geeky comic-book nerd, from being mugged. Peter is in awe of SuperHoodie - at last he's found a real .. show full overview
Episode Four
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 20, 2011
An old Jewish man plans to use some of Curtis' super-power to go back in time and kill Hitler. But his plan goes horribly wrong and the gang find themselves in an alternate world where .. show full overview
Episode Five
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 27, 2011
While doing community service at the local hospital, Kelly gets trapped in the body of Jen, a coma victim. Jen, walking around in Kelly's body, escapes from the hospital leaving the real .. show full overview
Episode Six
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 04, 2011
After a drunken one-night-stand with a mysterious girl Rudy discovers that he has a strange superpower STD. With only 24 hours to undo the curse Rudy enlists Simon to help him find the .. show full overview
Episode Seven
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 11, 2011
When Seth finds a resurrection super power he uses it to bring his dead ex-girlfriend, Shannon back to life. But it's not long before he realises that the new power has unexpected .. show full overview
3x8 Season finale
Episode Eight
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 18, 2011
A fake medium with a superpower brings faces from the young offenders' past back to life, including Tony and Sally, the probation workers they killed. The gang soon realises the .. show full overview

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