• Premiered: Apr 2007
  • Episodes: 18
  • Followers: 24
  • Ended
  • ITV1
  • Sunday at 21
  • Comedy Drama


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Season 3
Episode 1
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 07, 2009
Peter attempts to help an injured Iraq War veteran face his future. Lyle helps an attractive young lady who claims she has been sexually discriminated against by the army. Beatrice has to adjust to being a mother.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 14, 2009
The local sci-fi community are intrigued by some crop circles in the area. A local farmer decides to make some money by charging people to see them.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 21, 2009
Peter faces a tricky task when he tries to find a middle ground in the minefield of scientific research and animal rights. Nigel and Lyle set out to save an order of nuns from eviction. .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 28, 2009
Peter finds out who the real father of his niece is. Lyle tries to sort out a depute over some land between some golfers and druids. He also tries to take the next step in his .. show full overview
Episode 5
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 05, 2009
Lyle returns home to Stockport to try and help his mother keep her allotment. When Scott is caught on the school's CCTV playing up he is suspended. Peter attempts to help a local family .. show full overview
3x6 Show finale
Episode 6
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 12, 2009
When a duke starts selling his titles on eBay his estranged brother seeks out Peter to ask for his help - thinking the man is doing it to fund a drug habit. Having previously .. show full overview

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