Kamigami no Asobi -Ludere deorum-

  • Premiered: Apr 2014
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 59
  • Ended
  • Tokyo MX
  • Sunday at 1
  • Animation Drama Fantasy Romance


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Season 1
The Forbidden Tabletop Academy
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 06, 2014
Normal high school girl Yui Kusanagi has been living a normal life in the shrine with her parents and brothers, until she stumbles upon a strange glowing sword in the store shed. By .. show full overview
The Beautiful Spellbound Shackles
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 13, 2014
Yui meets the 8 gods: The Greek God of the Sun Apollon Agana Belea, The Greek God of the Underworld Hades Aidoneus, Greek God of Wine and Merrymaking Dionysus Thyrsos, .. show full overview
Dispute and Discord on the Sea Breeze
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 20, 2014
Thoth suddenly announces that tomorrow is summer vacation, as per Zeus' decision to change the season. Although several gods play truant, the others manage to arouse their interest in .. show full overview
The King of the Underworld's Curse of Misfortune
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 26, 2014
Yui, in line with Zeus' attempt to model the school after human schools, decides to introduce club activities, something that Thoth decides to make compulsory as well. While everyone is .. show full overview
The Unforgivable Heart and Violent Emotions
Episode overview
Air date
May 03, 2014
Thoth orders Yui to make Takeru, who has yet to join a club, do so. This proves difficult with his rough attitude and hostile temperament, until he notices her practising swordplay. .. show full overview
Moonlit Ring and Emotions
Episode overview
Air date
May 10, 2014
Tsukito has been chosen as a disciplinary member, but because of his eagerness to fulfil his responsibilities, he loses sleep and faints. Thoth threatens him that if he does something .. show full overview
A Binding Promise on the Snowy Field
Episode overview
Air date
May 17, 2014
Balder grows more attached to Yui because of her uniqueness in not being affected by his natural charisma as the Norse God of Light. As the season changes once again to winter, Yui and .. show full overview
The Solitude and Envy of Light
Episode overview
Air date
May 24, 2014
Yui has been trying to avoid Balder and Loki after their argument. Despite Loki telling her to stay away from Balder for her own safety, the latter successfully takes her away and .. show full overview
The Dark Flower Withers in the Labyrinth
Episode overview
Air date
May 31, 2014
6 months have passed, and one fine day Thoth suddenly declares that mid-term exams are in 3 days, shocking Yui. They attempt to study together using Tsukito's perfect notes, but a Yui .. show full overview
The Transient Daily Lives We Should Love
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 07, 2014
Despite not studying, the gods and Yui have faired pretty well on their exams, so Zeus gives them to "honour" of putting on a play for the rest of the students, who are spirits summoned .. show full overview
Chained in the Prison of Destiny
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 14, 2014
Balder collapses suddenly after the play. As Apollon and Yui visit him in the infirmary, they overhear Loki telling Thor about he will kill Balder, much to their shock. Loki explains .. show full overview
1x12 Show finale
The Eternal Parting of Ways
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 21, 2014
Balder awakens as the God of Destruction and the universe starts to collapse with the immensity of power. The remaining gods have their shackles broken through human acts of emotion in .. show full overview

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