Justice League

  • Premiered: Nov 2001
  • Episodes: 91
  • Followers: 506
  • Ended
  • Cartoon Network
  • Saturday at 21
  • Action Adventure Animation Children Crime Drama Family Fantasy Mystery Science-fiction


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Season 3
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 31, 2004
The Justice League reforms in a new satellite headquarters and adds a new expanded roster of members. They then recruit Green Arrow to aid Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Supergirl in defeating a nuclear monster in China.
For the Man Who Has Everything
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 07, 2004
Batman and Wonder Woman deliver presents to Superman at the Fortress of Solitude for his birthday, but find he's been immobilized by a special "gift" courtesy of the world-conquering Mongul.
Kid Stuff
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 14, 2004
When Mordred banishes all adults into Limbo, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern must make a deal with his mother Morgaine to transform into 8-year-olds in a desperate attempt to defeat the boy-wizard.
Hawk and Dove
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 21, 2004
Two superhero brothers, Dove (a pacifist) and Hawk (an aggressive fighter), join Wonder Woman to stop a civil war in Kaznia, but it turns out that the war is being instigated by the Greek god Ares as part of his plan to spread misery and conflict.
This Little Piggy
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 28, 2004
Batman turns to Zatanna for help to defeat the evil sorceress Circe and save a transformed teammate.
Fearful Symmetry
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 04, 2004
When Supergirl is plagued by disturbing dreams, she turns to Green Arrow and The Question for help, but they soon learn that she may not be dreaming after all.
The Greatest Story Never Told
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 11, 2004
While the sorcerer Mordru invades Metropolis and the League must attack en masse to stop him, gloryhound and erstwhile superhero Booster Gold ends up ""crowd control"" and does some world-saving of his own.
The Return
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 18, 2004
After the power-asborbing android Amazo destroys the home planet of the Guardians of the Universe, the League must intercept him before he reaches Earth and achieves his goal: murdering the recently reformed Lex Luthor.
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 04, 2004
A new team of heroes, the Ultimen, help the Justice League defeat fire monsters that are attacking an oil rig. But the Ultimen soon discover that a dark secret lies at the heart of their origins and their sponsorship and turn against the League.
Dark Heart
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 11, 2004
When nanotech-based alien robots land in the American southwest and overwhelm the League, only the Atom, a microscopic super hero, can defeat them.
Wake the Dead
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 18, 2004
Solomon Grundy rises from the grave as a mindless berserker, and when the Justice League can't stop him, they turn to a reluctant Hawkgirl for assistance.
The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales (1)
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 22, 2005
Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern chase a time-traveling thief into the past and team up with some local ""superheroes"" of the era to deal with an outlaw who has used the thief's futuristic technology to take over an Old West town.
3x13 Season finale
The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped (2)
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 29, 2005
In pursuit of a time-traveling thief, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman arrive in a futuristic Gotham City twisted horribly awry by alterations to the time-stream, and must join forces with the future Batman and the Justice League Unlimited.

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