Jane the Virgin

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  • Premiered: Oct 2014
  • Episodes: 100
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Season 4 Discuss
Chapter Sixty-Five
Air date
Oct 13, 2017
When Jane is reunited with her first love, Adam, she is shocked but happy to see him, however Xo and Alba are less thrilled that he is back. After Rafael loses ownership of the hotel to .. show full overview
Chapter Sixty-Six
Air date
Oct 20, 2017
Jane’s burgeoning relationship with Adam helps bring out her fun side and reminds her that she isn’t just a mom. However, when Adam gets a job opportunity, he asks for Jane’s opinion on .. show full overview
Chapter Sixty-Seven
Air date
Oct 27, 2017
Jane and Adam’s relationship seems to be moving at hyper-speed, and Jane thinks that it might be time for him to meet Mateo, but Rafael is not happy with this idea. As the arrival of .. show full overview
Chapter Sixty-Eight
Air date
Nov 03, 2017
When Jane learns that Rafael introduced Mateo to his new girlfriend, Katherine, without her consent she gets angry since she thinks Katherine has a negative influence on both Rafael and .. show full overview
Chapter Sixty-Nine
Air date
Nov 10, 2017
When Adam reveals his dating past to Jane, the information puts a strain on their relationship. Lina seeks Jane’s advice about whether she should get married and begs Jane to give her .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy
Air date
Nov 17, 2017
Jane’s book is finally being released but her plans to have a party at the local bookshop where she was inspired to be a writer hit a snag. Always wanting to help Jane, Rogelio devises a .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy-One
Air date
Dec 08, 2017
Jane is excited for her first book tour and brings Xo along for fun, but Alba decides last minute that she is going as well. Things take an unexpected turn at their first stop which .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy-Two
Air date
Jan 26, 2018
After Jane and Rafael decide to send Mateo to a new school, they become guilt-ridden when they are forced to lie to get him in. After Xo convinces Rogelio to attend therapy they both are .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy-Three
Air date
Feb 02, 2018
To avoid upsetting Mateo, Jane and Rafael must make a decision about the uncertain state of their relationship. Petra tries to get back in Jane and Rafael’s good graces.
Chapter Seventy-Four
Air date
Feb 09, 2018
Jane and Rafael try to be friends. Petra and Jane try to overcome the difficulties of working together. Rogelio thinks he has post-partum depression. Alba tells Jane why she turned down the proposal.
Chapter Seventy-Five
Air date
Mar 02, 2018
Jane is ready to move on from the Marbella and pursue writing full time, but an unexpected development forces her to consider returning to her teaching roots. When Jane applies for a job .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy-Six
Air date
Mar 09, 2018
Jane’s fixation on a negative review has left her with writer’s block, so Rogelio suggests she take a class to help. With the encouragement of Jane, Rafael is ready to dig into his past. .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy-Seven
Air date
Mar 16, 2018
When Jane, Rogelio and Alba learn what is going on with Xo, they all try to comfort her, but Xo insists they let her live her life. Rogelio finally gets River Fields to agree to meet .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy-Eight
Air date
Mar 23, 2018
Xo struggles to make an important decision and looks to Jane for guidance, leaving Rogelio feeling like an outsider. Alba is frustrated with Rogelio when it seems he is once again making .. show full overview
Chapter Seventy-Nine
Air date
Apr 06, 2018
After Jane, Rafael, Petra and J.R. all go out together, Jane is bothered to learn that J.R. doesn't like her. Jane and Rafael brush off a big relationship moment. Rogelio is nervous to talk to Darci.
Chapter Eighty
Air date
Apr 13, 2018
Jane and Rafael find themselves in a less than ideal living situation trying to save money. Xo tries to stay positive during treatment and even makes a new friend. River and Rogelio once again are at odds over their ideas for the show.
4x17 Season finale
Chapter Eighty-One
Air date
Apr 20, 2018
Jane discovers Rafael is keeping a secret from her. Alba’s big day finally arrives. Jane, Xo and Rogelio are ready to celebrate, but Alba has other plans. Petra and JR make a decision about their future that neither of them saw coming.

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