Home from Home

  • Premiered: Apr 2018
  • Episodes: 6
  • Followers: 4
  • Ended
  • BBC One
  • Friday at 21
  • Comedy


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Season 1
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 20, 2018
When Neil believes he's been fired he goes off the deep end, meaning plans for a new WIFI mast on the site are put in serious jeopardy.
Into Thin Air
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 27, 2018
Neil takes the family on a perilous mountain walk and Robert steps into avoid an inevitable disaster. Unfortunately, Neil and Penny manage to make matters worse, while Neil's mother makes an immediate impact on site.
The Party
Episode overview
Air date
May 04, 2018
Neil is feeling despondent about his lack of popularity and throws a party to try to make amends. The plan backfires when Robert proves to be the life and soul of the party.
Pitter Patter
Episode overview
Air date
May 11, 2018
Neil's plans to celebrate his wedding anniversary go awry when Fiona temporarily falls ill. The delay caused sees the pair arrive at a top restaurant a few minutes late - and they are .. show full overview
The Chrysler Building
Episode overview
Air date
May 18, 2018
Little Neil announces he has to make a scale model of a building of world significance as part of his homework. Neil tries to assist, but is easily distracted and while he is away at the .. show full overview
1x6 Show finale
Mandy Rowlands
Episode overview
Air date
May 25, 2018
Robert and Penny decide to put their lodge up for sale, due to Petra's refusal to come to The Lakes with them. Neil is delighted about the imminent departure until he meets the Dillon's .. show full overview

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