Hidamari Sketch

  • Premiered: Jan 2007
  • Episodes: 49
  • Followers: 2
  • Ended
  • TBS (JP)
  • Friday
  • Animation Anime Comedy


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Season 4
May 6th-15th: Narrow Japan, Where Are You Hurrying Off To? / May 16th-18th: Everything's Bigger in Hokkaido!
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 05, 2012
May 6th-15th: Sae and Hiro are getting ready for the third-year's trip to Hokkaido. The other girls seem just as excited, even though they aren't the ones going! May 16th-18th: Whilst .. show full overview
May 18th-19th: Yuno-sama from Above
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 12, 2012
Sae and Hiro continue to explore Hokkaido with their class. Back home, Yuno is still trying to think of ways to impress Nazuna and Nori as their upperclassman.
August 31st: The Final Visitor of Summer Vacation / September 1st: Mochi Sweets
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 19, 2012
Yuno and Miyako's plans to spend the last day of Summer having fun is thwarted when a typhoon settles in, so everyone retreats to Hiro's apartment for some food. Afterwards, Yuno looks .. show full overview
September 15th: The Shutter Chance of Victory!! The Winner is Miyako!!
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 26, 2012
The school holds a swim meet, with Miyako, Nori and Sae competing whilst Yuno is part of the camera crew. Nori, Sae and Miyako all manage to win their events, bringing their overall team .. show full overview
September 17th-19th: Nazuna Rice / September 28th: Midnight Norisuke
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 02, 2012
September 17th-19th: Having inadvertently told her parents that she knew how to cook, Nazuna asks Hiro and Yuno to teach her how to make chicken karaage and miso soup for when they come .. show full overview
September 25th: Chatting Sketch / September 29th-30th: Hiro-san
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 09, 2012
September 25th: Yuno and Miyako spend the day drawing themselves as a class assignment, while discussing various things. Yuno decides to ask Miyako to come over so they can continue .. show full overview
October 5th-6th: Pamphlet Competition / October 6th-8th: A Secret Date
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 16, 2012
Yuno's class is tasked with designing a pamphlet for an upcoming school festival. Yuno works hard on her design and it ends up being chosen. Later, Yuno is invited on a date by Arisawa, where they catch up with each other.
October 11th, 30th: Terror! Preparing for Yamabuki Festival / November 3rd: Strange! The Day of the Yamabuki Festival
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 23, 2012
October 11th, 30th: Everyone is busy preparing for the Yamabuki festival. Yuno and Miyako's class vote to do a Haunted House. After Miyako sprains her fingers whilst building props, Yuno .. show full overview
November 10th: Returning a Smile
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 30, 2012
The Landlady finds a Game of Life board game lying around and brings everyone together to play it. The gang decide to personalise the game into a 'Hidamari Apartments edition'. Whilst .. show full overview
December 2nd: An Educational Snowball Fight / December 15th: Hidamari Cheer Squad
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 07, 2012
December 2nd: On a particularly cold day at Yamabuki High, Yoshinoya-sensei endures the cold to show off her latest outfit to the class, Miyako decides to start writing Tanka and later .. show full overview
December 22nd: It's Cause I'm Your Big Sister / December 21st-24th: Faint Memory of a Song
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 14, 2012
December 22nd: Yuno, Miyako and 2 of their classmates visit Yoshinoya to help her clean up some old art books. Whilst there, they meet an unexpected visitor. December 21st-24th: The .. show full overview
4x12 Show finale
December 31st-January 1st: Years Together, Years to Come
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 21, 2012
New Years Eve is here and this time all the girls will be spending it at Hidamari Apartments. Whilst Sae and Hiro are at a study session, the rest of the girls clean up and prepare for .. show full overview

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