• Premiered: Jul 2015
  • Episodes: 13
  • Followers: 131
  • Ended
  • Tokyo MX
  • Saturday
  • Action Animation Anime Fantasy Science-fiction


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Season 1
Lenka Utsugi
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 12, 2015
In the midst of an Aragami attack, classmates Lenka Utsugi and Kota Fujiki begin training under Tsubaki's orders. Hoping to go out and destroy as much Aragami as he could, Lenka .. show full overview
Lindow Amamiya
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 19, 2015
Wielding his God Arc, Lenka rashly leaps into action to save Eric who is injured. God Eaters Lindow, Sakuya, and Soma of the First Unit arrive to help, but Aragami Vajra is powerful and .. show full overview
Alisa Ilinichina Amiella
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 26, 2015
On its way to the Far East Branch, the transport plane from the Russian Branch is attacked by a huge flock of smaller-sized Aragami. The plane’s passenger is Alisa, a New-Type God Eater .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 09, 2015
Lenka returns from the successful mission to rescue Alisa and is assigned to the 1st Unit along with Alisa and Kota. He goes into the city for the first time at Kota’s invitation and .. show full overview
An Eye for an Eye / All in Vain
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 16, 2015
Lenka is frustrated to learn that the Aegis Project has a long, long way to go. In order to complete the project, massive amounts of the natural resource known as Oracle must be .. show full overview
Stay True
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 30, 2015
Lenka, Alisa, Kota and Sakuya are out on a mission to hunt two large-type Aragami known as Vajra when they encounter an unusual black Vajra that devours even its own species. This Vajra .. show full overview
A Flower in Bloom
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 06, 2015
Lenka and Alisa are rescued from a violent attack of Aragami, then taken by Lindow to Asyl (asylum), a place where people who were turned away at the Fenrir Far East Branch refugee .. show full overview
Sakuya Tachibana
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 20, 2015
Lenka and Alisa make it back to the Fenrir Far East Branch. But Alisa suffers from post-traumatic stress and Lenka’s God Arc is badly damaged, so they are put on temporary leave. .. show full overview
Soma Schicksal
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 27, 2015
A change is occurring in Lenka’s body due to over-adaptation to the Oracle Cell. Lenka is in a dilemma when told that while he cannot escape inevitable death, if he resigns as a God .. show full overview
Scattered Petals
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 05, 2016
Fifteen years ago, the Utsugi family finds an abandoned baby and decide to take him in. They name the infant Lenka, and he is raised lovingly by his adoptive mother, father and older .. show full overview
Operation Meteorite
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 12, 2016
Operation Meteorite, a plan to lure Aragami with a newly developed guiding device, is critical to the completion of the Aegis Plan. Lenka is unable to join the unit due to adjustments .. show full overview
United They Stand
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 19, 2016
There is a high possibility that the irregularity in the guiding devices may have been due to internal hacking. Surrounded by Vajra, Lindow continues his lone battle. Lenka acquires a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 26, 2016
Leaving Lindow to deal with Deus Pita, Lenka and the others rush to Asyl to rescue the people there. But Pita catches up to them, with Lindow's bracelet hanging from its mouth... The 1st .. show full overview

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