Girlfriend BETA

  • Premiered: Oct 2014
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 4
  • Ended
  • TV Tokyo
  • Monday
  • Animation Anime Comedy Romance


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Season 1
Our First Promise
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 13, 2014
Kokomi Shiina, a girl on the rhythmic gymnastics team, heads to school as usual, tired. During practice, she meets a girl named Chloe Lemaire. Chloe drops a picture as she's leaving and .. show full overview
Blue Melon Buns
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 20, 2014
Kokomi's mother prepared a lavish meal for breakfast hoping to help energize her for the competition, but Kokomi was worried about her weight. She tries not to let anyone know her .. show full overview
Cameras and Shortcake
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 27, 2014
Murakami Fumio and Mochidzuki Erena are great friends with each other, but their personalities couldn't be further apart, making everyone else wonder why they're so close. Some people .. show full overview
Cats and a Rainy Night
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 03, 2014
While rushing to school in the morning, Akane and Isuzu come across some kittens abandoned on the road. That's where the two first met, unable to keep the kittens themselves and not .. show full overview
Darjeeling with Everyone
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 10, 2014
The school store finds itself packed after a sudden closure of the cafeteria. Kanata, the student council president, proposes that the student council run the cafeteria on their own, but .. show full overview
Sweet Bitter Potato
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 17, 2014
Yuzuko and Momoko line up to get sweet potatoes from the school store. Momoko runs into Nagiko there, and through a serious of events, Momoko ends up believing she's being disrespectful .. show full overview
Doggy and Scramble
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 24, 2014
Mahiro of the literature club writes for the club's mini magazine, and she's been writing a story since she was in elementary school, which she has been writing over and over again. She .. show full overview
On the Other Side of the Cream Soda
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 01, 2014
Shiina Kokomi is coming up on her national tournament, and is excited, but finds herself scared of challenging herself to fo further. Then she starts a part time job...
Evolutionary Girl
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 08, 2014
Seiou Academy's culture festival, the Seiou Festival, is about to begin. As all the clubs draw lots to determine their time on stage, the light music club band, Neuron Cream Soft, draws a surprising time slot.
Princess and Pride
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 15, 2014
It's time for the Miss Seiou Contest, the Seiou Festival's contest to choose the school's beauty queen! Akane Sakurai of the broadcast committee is asked to host, and she prepares for .. show full overview
Goodbye à la Mode
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 22, 2014
Tests are over for second semester, and the school is out for break, with Christmas in the air, but Chloe doesn't seem to be enjoying herself. The school starts worrying about her, but .. show full overview
Girlfriend xxx
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 29, 2014
Christmas time is over and the town is now abuzz with the New Year's spirit. Chloe and Yuria are ecstatic to see Japanese New Year's in action. Kokomi obliges, and invites them into her .. show full overview

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