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Season 6 Discuss
Air date
Jun 24, 2010
After a devastating spaceship crash, Professor Farnsworth attempts to resuscitate the crew with his birth machine.
Air date
Jun 24, 2010
Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet.
Attack of the Killer App!
Air date
Jul 01, 2010
The latest trend in social networking and having no life takes over Earth!
Proposition Infinity
Air date
Jul 08, 2010
Bender leads a campaign to make robosexual marriage between humans and robots legal on Earth.
The Duh-Vinci Code
Air date
Jul 15, 2010
The Planet Express crew races to future Rome to unearth the shocking secret of Leonardo da Vinci.
Lethal Inspection
Air date
Jul 22, 2010
Bender learns that he suffers from a mortal manufacturing defect.
The Late Philip J. Fry
Air date
Jul 29, 2010
The Professor invents a one-way time machine. He, Fry and Bender go forward 1,000 years accidentally, and keep traveling forward in time until a backwards time machine has been invented.
That Darn Katz!
Air date
Aug 05, 2010
Earth is invaded by a race of intelligent cats.
A Clockwork Origin
Air date
Aug 12, 2010
The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots.
The Prisoner of Benda
Air date
Aug 19, 2010
A revolutionary invention allows the crew members to exchange minds.
Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences
Air date
Aug 26, 2010
After a bungled Earth invasion, alien leader Lrrr faces a midlife crisis.
The Mutants Are Revolting
Air date
Sep 02, 2010
Leela leads an army of underground mutants in a rebellion against the surface people.
The Futurama Holiday Spectacular
Air date
Nov 21, 2010
An episode describing the three winter holidays of the future: X-Mas, Robonica, and Kwanzaa.
Air date
Jun 23, 2011
An alien who does not understand the concept of gender conducts experiments on the crew, changing all their genders.
Air date
Jun 23, 2011
Bender creates duplicates of himself, who in turn create duplicates of themselves, until they threaten to consume all of the matter on Earth.
Ghost in the Machines
Air date
Jun 30, 2011
Fed up with the crew, Bender decides to kill himself using a suicide booth. After he dies, his software takes on a ghostly existence.
Law and Oracle
Air date
Jul 07, 2011
Fed up with his go-nowhere job, Fry joins the police force.
The Silence of the Clamps
Air date
Jul 14, 2011
Bender enters a witness-protection program after testifying against the Robot Mafia.
Yo Leela Leela
Air date
Jul 21, 2011
Leela becomes a Hollywood Big Shot after creating a hit children's television series.
All the Presidents' Heads
Air date
Jul 28, 2011
Professor Farnsworth licks George Washington's head and it sends him on a trip to the Revolutionary War.
Mobius Dick
Air date
Aug 04, 2011
Professor Farnsworth sends the Planet Express to find a statue of his crew for the 50th memorial service honoring their disappearance. They end up going through the Bermuda Tetrahedron .. show full overview
Fry Am the Egg Man
Air date
Aug 11, 2011
Fry nurtures an alien egg out of which hatches a monster.
The Tip of the Zoidberg
Air date
Aug 18, 2011
The crew learns shocking secrets of how Professor Farnsworth and Dr. Zoidberg met.
Cold Warriors
Air date
Aug 25, 2011
Fry inadvertently reintroduces the common cold to the 31st century.
Air date
Sep 01, 2011
Bender is overclocked, gradually becoming more powerful in computing ability, until eventually becoming omniscient and able to foresee events in the future.
6x26 Season finale
Air date
Sep 08, 2011
An episode featuring 3 different segments, in the same vein as episodes such as "Anthology of Interest I" and "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular". Each segment showcases a different style .. show full overview

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