Expedition Unknown

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  • Premiered: Jan 2015
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Season 6 Discuss
Deciphering the Last Nazi Code
Air date
Apr 10, 2018
Josh Gates ventures into the former Third Reich in search of an elusive Nazi fortune hidden with a code allegedly created by Hitler's private secretary, and embedded into a piece of sheet music.
Amazing Adventures
Air date
Dec 12, 2018
On "Amazing Adventures", Josh Gates and his cameraman, Evan B. Stone, count down their top ten close calls and strange situations, featuring bonus, behind the scenes footage from Expedition Unknown's investigations.
Mysteries of Jesus
Air date
Apr 17, 2019
Josh Gates journeys to the Holy Land to find out where Jesus was born; his investigation leads to potentially explosive revelations that may change people's understanding of Jesus' origin story.
Atlantis of the Andes
Air date
Apr 24, 2019
Josh Gates dives into a mystery below South America's Lake Titicaca. During the investigation, Josh discovers multiple structures of the ancient Tiwanaku people, including ruins hidden in the lake's depths, dubbed "The Atlantis of the Andes".
Lost Gold of Scotland
Air date
May 01, 2019
Hunting for a lost cache of gold, Josh Gates heads to the Scottish Highlands. His search focuses on a huge gold reserve hidden after the Jacobite Uprising of 1745 and never recovered. .. show full overview
Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes
Air date
May 08, 2019
Josh Gates tackles an enduring maritime mystery, the first ship to be lost in the Great Lakes, The Griffon. Using a state of the art two-man submersible, Josh dives in to find a ship so elusive, it's known as "The Holy Grail of Shipwrecks."
Legend of the Crystal Skull
Air date
May 15, 2019
Josh Gates enters Central America's jungles to investigate the legendary crystal skull discovered by a renowned adventurer who was the inspiration for Indiana Jones. Josh probes whether the skull is an invaluable relic or archaeology's tallest tale.
America's Lost WWII Hero
Air date
May 22, 2019
Josh Gates explores the case of lost World War II hero Gertrude "Tommy" Tompkins of the Women Air Force Service Pilots, who went missing when her P-51 Mustang crashed. Josh joins search teams using cutting-edge technology to bring the lost hero home.
The Hunt for the Golden Owl
Air date
May 29, 2019
Josh Gates stalks prey that has eluded capture for 25 years, the Golden Owl. A book of riddles gives cryptic clues to where the Owl statuette, worth half a million dollars, is hidden. Josh joins treasure hunters using new leads to chase the fortune.

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