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  • Premiered: Dec 2012
  • Episodes: 27
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Season 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 14, 2012
Confronted with his infidelity, Thom promises Cal that he'll stop seeing Jeremy. Cal turns to his sharp-tongued best friend Kathy for solace.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 21, 2012
Flashing back to the night before, Cal tries to forget his troubles at a party, but Thom keeps making things worse. The guys meet Kathy's boyfriend.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 22, 2013
Cal's attempt to confront Jeremy about his affair with Thom takes a disastrous turn. Meanwhile, a conversation with Ian puts Kathy's mind at ease.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 30, 2013
Jeremy attempts to disrupt Cal and Thom's relationship, but they're devoted to fixing their problems. Cal gets unwanted attention from his boss.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Air date
May 07, 2013
Jeremy opens up about Thom and Cal in a pot-fueled conversation with his sister, Kathy calls on Cal in an emergency, and Thom confesses to Cal.
Episode Six
Episode overview
Air date
May 14, 2013
Quincy drops Kathy off at the clinic and takes Ian along to a gay bar with David, much to David's surprise...
Episode 7
Episode overview
Air date
May 21, 2013
As Cal and Thom prepare to move out of their apartment, Jeremy asks Thom to move in with him. Kathy seeks Cal's support after a fight with Ian.
Episode 8
Episode overview
Air date
May 28, 2013
In a flashback to a year earlier, Cal and Thom have just moved into their apartment, and Kathy shares details of her first date with Ian.
1x9 Season finale
Episode 9
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 04, 2013
After reconciling with Cal, Kathy guides him through a difficult farewell. Kathy and Ian talk things out, and Cal and Thom come to a decision.

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