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Season 3 Discuss
Air date
Feb 17, 1999
A musical episode in which seven song-and-dance numbers frame a story about an impending hurricane.
Through a Lens Darkly
Air date
Feb 24, 1999
Helen suggests that Daria get contact lenses after a bad driving lesson, which Daria eventually agrees upon. However, Daria finds the contact lenses extremely uncomfortable and doesn't .. show full overview
The Old and the Beautiful
Air date
Mar 03, 1999
Ms. Li asks (read: orders) everyone to volunteer during Volunteer Week. Daria, Brittany and Kevin volunteer to read for senior citizens, but the seniors only like the perky Brittany and .. show full overview
Depth Takes a Holiday
Air date
Mar 10, 1999
A quasi-fantasy episode in which 2 guys approach Daria dressed as a leprechaun and Cupid. They claim to be the spirits of St. Patrick's and Valentine's Days, and they ask her to help .. show full overview
Daria Dance Party
Air date
Mar 17, 1999
The Fashion Club president, Sandi, talks Quinn into organizing the school dance, but Quinn doesn't do a very good job at it, since Sandi turns the entire Fashion Club against her. Quinn .. show full overview
The Lost Girls
Air date
Mar 24, 1999
Val, the editor of a self-titled teen magazine along the lines of ""seventeen"", comes to Lawndale High to hang out with Daria, after reading Daria's paper that Mr. O'Neill submitted. .. show full overview
It Happened One Nut
Air date
Jul 07, 1999
Daria and Quinn get jobs at the mall, neither of which goes over well for them. Daria works at a nut stand, where she gets salary deducted because she doesn't smile; what's worse, her .. show full overview
Lane Miserables
Air date
Jul 14, 1999
The Lane house gets a little too crowded when Jane and Trent's siblings and dad all move back home, at the same time. Unable to handle it, Jane and Trent stay with Daria's house--which puts Daria at a quandary, as she has to deal with her crush.
Jake of Hearts
Air date
Jul 21, 1999
Jake suffers a mild heart attack, which makes Daria aware of his mortality for the first time. She then has to deal with his judgmental mom coming to stay with them while he recuperates, .. show full overview
Air date
Jul 28, 1999
Daria finally gets her driver's license, and soon thereafter has to drive to a nearby town to bail Jane and Mystik Spiral (Trent's band) out of a traffic violation. Unfortunately, she .. show full overview
The Lawndale File
Air date
Aug 04, 1999
A series of strange events--government agents visiting the school looking for anyone who's ""different""; Mr. DeMartino getting arrested; Trent writing cheerful music--lead Daria and .. show full overview
Just Add Water
Air date
Aug 11, 1999
Principal Li forces the entire school to raise funds by going on a casino cruise, on a run-down toilet of a ship. There, Quinn gets stood up by her date; Mr. DeMartino deals with his .. show full overview
3x13 Season finale
Jane's Addition
Air date
Aug 18, 1999
Daria and Jane are assigned a multimedia computer project, which is hindered by Trent's procrastination in coming up with music for it. Meanwhile, Jane starts dating a guy, Tom, whom .. show full overview

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