• Premiered: Feb 2019
  • Episodes: 8
  • Followers: 34
  • Ended
  • Sky One
  • Friday at 21
  • Action Adventure Crime Drama Science-fiction Thriller


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Season 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 22, 2019
Kaye's world is shaken up when her sister Ruby returns with her boyfriend Michael. Eleswhere, as night falls, the Donahue family prepare nervously for the formidable race ahead.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 01, 2019
The race is on and the road ahead is packed with dangers. The Donahues face up to a huge setback. Then, things go wrong on the Thames.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 08, 2019
London's huge wall presents the racers with another massive obstacle. Meanwhile, The General and Faith hatch a sneaky plan and Jenny grows increasingly anxious.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 15, 2019
Roman has a confession for Meg as he admits the real reason they joined the deadly street race. Kaye and Michael clash over whether to fight or flee.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 22, 2019
There's trouble when the Volvo and the tow truck crash in the middle of nowhere. Lou and Ruby need spare parts. Fast. But they come at a steep price.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 29, 2019
The ambulance, hot hatch and Volvo race into a deadly game of cat and mouse as they chase the prison truck into a clash with cops in Manchester's badlands.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 05, 2019
The remaining racers near the finish line as they approach the Highlands, and Kaye reveals a secret she has been keeping for years when she makes a shocking confession to Michael.
1x8 Show finale
Episode 8
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 12, 2019
An act of sabotage causes all hell to break loose. From the chaos, the final contenders emerge.

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