• Premiered: Jun 1999
  • Episodes: 13
  • Followers: 81
  • Ended
  • TNT (US)
  • Wednesday at 21
  • Action Adventure Drama Science-fiction


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Season 1
War Zone
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 09, 1999
Captain Matthew Gideon is assigned to the prototype destroyer Excalibur, to spearhead the search for a cure to the plague unleashed by the Drakh. His first mission is to seize a downed Drakh craft on Ceti 4.
The Long Road
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 16, 1999
The Medusa has been stationed around Regula 4, supporting miners who seek a mineral which extends human life by fifteen years. It seemed a simple job, as the colonists are the .. show full overview
The Well of Forever
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 23, 1999
"Mr. Jones" from the Congressional Panel on Telepaths, has arrived to test Lt. Matheson, to make certain he has not broken any of the new rules for telepaths. Although Capt. Gideon is .. show full overview
The Path of Sorrows
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 30, 1999
"Enter freely through the Path of Sorrows." A simple directive, but one which stymied Excalibur's scientists until Galen suddenly realized what was being asked. After upsetting Dureena, .. show full overview
Patterns of the Soul
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 07, 1999
Minutes before reaching the Excalibur's destination, Capt. Gideon was sent by Col. Thompson from Earthforce to find a group of infected colonists at Theta 49. Gideon had argued that .. show full overview
Ruling from the Tomb
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 14, 1999
The Excalibur is called to Mars for a medical symposium on treating the Drakh plague. Irritated at being called away from his important job, Capt. Matthew Gideon finds himself clashing .. show full overview
1x7 Season finale
The Rules of the Game
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 21, 1999
The Excalibur has come to Babylon 5 to negotiate a landing on Lorca 7 -- a landing that the Brakiri ambassador refuses to allow. Lorca 7 is a re-colonized planet; Capt Matthew Gideon .. show full overview
Appearances and Other Deceits
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 28, 1999
Two "visitors" from EarthGov have come aboard the Excalibur to make certain the right "impact" is made on the panicked people of Earth. But their suggestions are little more than new .. show full overview
Racing the Night
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 04, 1999
On a world that appears to be dead, the Excalibur discovers equations for propulsion, energy creation, alloy-making -- almost everything but medical technology. Capt. Matthew Gideon is .. show full overview
The Memory of War
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 11, 1999
Four months into its mission, the Excalibur finds a world for which Capt. Matthew Gideon has long been searching. Although the race which once populated it is dead, the world and its .. show full overview
The Needs of Earth
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 18, 1999
The Excalibur receives an important message from the Rangers: an alien race, the Moradi, are searching for a criminal they cannot retrieve easily. Hoping to gain knowledge that will help .. show full overview
Visitors from Down the Street
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 25, 1999
A First Contact situation arises as a nearly-depleted life pod is discovered by the Excalibur. Capt. Matthew Gideon, assisted by Lt. John Matheson, meets with the aliens to establish .. show full overview
1x13 Show finale
Each Night I Dream of Home
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 01, 1999
The Excalibur is sent to rendezvous with a special courier for top-secret mission. Obeying the Senator -- and his companion, a rather bland little plumber -- Capt. Matthew Gideon .. show full overview

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