Cool Stuff And How It Works

  • Premiered: May 2007
  • Episodes: 7
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  • Ended
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Season 1
Secrets of Firefighting, Infrared Cameras
Episode overview
Air date
May 30, 2007
Learn more about six amazing new protective technologies: a fire proof suit, iris scanner, armored car, a robot that disables bombs, liquid armor, and airport explosives detectors. Uncover how they work using special high-tech imaging techniques.
Fastest Electric Car, Armored Cars, Slow Motion Cameras
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 06, 2007
In this episode our host puts his body on the line: sticking his hand in a flame-thrower, attempting to crack a security system at Fujitzu's headquarters, getting to blow up New York's finest fireworks.
Osprey , Air
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 13, 2007
The Osprey is one of the most advanced and versatile aircraft in the American Defense Force. We explore the mechanics of wingless human flight in a giant wind tunnel.
Airport Security, Biometric Eye Scan, Body Armor
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 20, 2007
Welcome to the world of high security and how science keeps coming up with new ways to keep us safe from personal attack, safe in high-risk jobs, and safer when we travel on airplanes.
Artificial Knee, Cooling the Body, 3-D Ultrasound
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 27, 2007
See how 3D ultrasound has revolutionized heart surgery. Witness the incredible sci-fi world of the bionic limb and how the architecture of your veins can identify exactly who you are.
Bomb Robot, Airport Security, Fireworks
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 04, 2007
The Massachusetts bomb squad demos the Talon, a robot that can neutralize bombs while keeping people at a safe distance. Airport security scanner, Entry Scan, that detects particles on .. show full overview
1x7 Show finale
Big Wave Surfer, Motion Capture, Virtual Reality
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 11, 2007
A look at a wave machine that can be surfed, motion capture techniques used in video games, and the space shuttle landing simulator at NASA.

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