Cold Case Files

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  • Premiered: Jan 1999
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Season 1 Discuss
Hour 1 - Cold Case Files
Air date
Jan 01, 1999
In the first case in this episode Felicia Prechtl is found raped and murdered in Dallas, Texas/ The only thing the killer left behind was a fingerprint which was smudged. The fingerprint .. show full overview
The Boy and the Monster/Secret in the Cellar
Air date
Jan 08, 1999
The Boy and the Monster In Wisconsin in the winter of 1991 a young woman's body was found naked, badly beaten and to make it harder to identify her, her fingertips were cut off. After .. show full overview
The Texas Drifter/The Fingerprint File
Air date
Jan 15, 1999
Texas Drifter Two women in two separate towns in Texas who where raped. The rapist uses a knife to threaten these women then rapes them and leaves his DNA behind. Back when these .. show full overview
The Answer in the Box/Maternal Instinct
Air date
Jan 23, 1999
Answer in the Box Alison Parrott was a runner. Not only was she was runner she was a great runner, So much so that she had the local media interested in her, So when she got a call from .. show full overview
The Hunter Homicides/The Skulls Of Stanley Park
Air date
Jan 29, 1999
In the first story line in this series called Hunter Homicides 2 hunter were out hunting in 1993 when they were robbed and murdered. Many years pass with this murder gone cold until 1997 .. show full overview
Through Eyes of a Child/The Killer Next Door
Air date
Feb 06, 1999
George Morgan is serving time in an Illinois prison. For some unknown reason while he is serving his time he wants to talk about a cold case. The difference with George is he wants .. show full overview
One Night on the Bayou/The Buckeye Misdemeanor
Air date
Feb 12, 1999
In Louisiana, in 1994, police find the body of a victim who's throat was slashed and body stabbed. With no evidence the case goes cold for many years until years later when a man is .. show full overview
The Mark of Cain/Death on The Freeway
Air date
Feb 19, 1999
James McCutcheon who makes his home in Florida is reported missing. His roommate Jim Drysdale has basically taken over James' life since his dissappearance. Using his car, taking over .. show full overview
Terror in Telluride/Signature of a Killer
Air date
Feb 26, 1999
Shoot outside her bedroom, Eva Shoen was shot to death. Living in Telluride, on the mountain side. Eva was married to the son of the billion dollar Shoen family who owned the U-Haul .. show full overview
Diary Of A Serial Arsonist/The Lost Clue
Air date
Mar 05, 1999
Every 2 years, a group of fire investigators meet for a conference. While attending the conference in 1987 in Fresno, California, 3 suspicious fires break out near the conference. They .. show full overview
Killer on the Strip/The Doll Murder
Air date
Mar 12, 1999
In the beautiful byways of West Palm Beach, along the canals a woman was fond dead in the canal. After some research they found that the woman was a prostitute. Even with all the .. show full overview
Murder Illustrated/Blood Relations
Air date
Mar 19, 1999
Nine years after police had to release the teenage suspect in a woman's murder due to lack of evidence, they find a new lead in the case. Twenty years after a young woman is murdered .. show full overview
The Burning Secret/Justice Delayed
Air date
Mar 26, 1999
A rapist is captured seven years after the crime, but when he is released on a technicality his victim is determined to fight back. Fifteen years after a fire claimed the lives of a .. show full overview
Man in the Shadows/The Hitchhiker
Air date
Apr 02, 1999
This episode has no summary.
Reconstructing Murder/Fire Flicks
Air date
Apr 09, 1999
In Wisconsin, advances in forensic clay modeling help investigators identify a murder victim whose skin was stripped from her head, neck, and legs. And in California, police track down two boys who enjoy satanic rituals and setting fires.
Killer in the County
Air date
Apr 16, 1999
Time is not always on the killer's side. He never knows where or when. Bt somebody is inevitably going to find something out and find out who committed the crime. Even if you have .. show full overview
Presumed Dead/The Tow Truck Killer
Air date
Apr 23, 1999
One will take 10 years and one will take 17 years to solve but they do get solved. Dedication, science, luck, and even hypnosis is used to make sure justice is done for the .. show full overview
The Missing Informant/Man's Best Friend
Air date
Apr 30, 1999
Police solve a murder when divers find a skeleton in a car at the bottom of a river. A dead dog’s DNA helps crack open a six-year-old case.
Portrait of a Killer/The Tortured Truth
Air date
Apr 30, 1999
The accidental discovery of a human scalp leads to the conviction of a man for murder 18 years after the killing. And a teenager who likes to kidnap younger boys and break their bones, kills one and tortures another.
Air date
May 07, 1999
The story of serial killer James Rodney Hicks, who left a trail of bodies and kept police, prosecutors, and the FBI quite busy working on his cases for over 20 years. Hicks murdered his wife, his children's babysitter, and a girlfriend.
The Missing and the Dead
Air date
May 14, 1999
When a passing motorist spots a fire along a country road in South Carolina and calls it in, police arrive to discover the badly burned and battered remains of a woman, her skull smashed .. show full overview
Silent Witness/Innocence Lost
Air date
May 21, 1999
The murder of scientist Helena Greenwood, who was helping to develop DNA forensic technology when she died, is solved 12 years later with the help of DNA evidence. And a Los Angeles .. show full overview
Frozen in Time/Little Girl Lost
Air date
May 28, 1999
Using a hair dryer to thaw a frozen corpse, detectives get to the bottom of a grisly murder. And the discovery of a child's skeleton in a Chicago garden puts police on the trail of an "oddball" family.
Family Secret/Blood Trail
Air date
Jun 04, 1999
Forty-one years after the crime, a woman implicates her brother and cousin in the murder of a New Jersey policeman. And members of the Vidocq Society, a group of law enforcement .. show full overview
1x24 Season finale
Bodies In The Bay/Cold Hit
Air date
Jun 11, 1999
A sunset boat ride in Florida leads to death for a vacationing woman and her two daughters, and police investigate a Texas man whose three wives all died in mysterious fashions.

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