Brain Games

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Season 6 Discuss
Positive Thinking
Air date
Jun 28, 2015
Do you sometimes hear a little voice in your head, an inner critic that keeps you from performing at your best? What if we told you there's a way to change what that voice is telling you .. show full overview
Air date
Jun 28, 2015
Interactive games and experiments show how the brain is deceived; how scammers and con artists use the brains flaws to their advantage.
Air date
Jun 28, 2015
The average adult spends more than 220,000 hours - or roughly 25 years - in bed sleeping. That's one third of your life spent in slumber!1 But what exactly is sleep - and why do we spend .. show full overview
Air date
Jun 28, 2015
In this episode of Brain Games, you'll see how your brain gets tripped up by odd angles, how light and shadows play a crucial role in your perception of the world, how you can radically .. show full overview
Animal vs. Human
Air date
Jun 29, 2015
On this beastly episode, it's going to be heads vs. tails as we pit humans against animals in series of unique competitions. And if you play along, you'll discover how a bird can eat .. show full overview
6x6 Season finale
Air date
Jun 29, 2015
This is a show about your brain and its imagination. We often associate imagination with creativity and the arts, but we don't always think about how important it is to our daily lives. .. show full overview

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