Bakersfield, P.D.

  • Premiered: Sep 1993
  • Episodes: 17
  • Followers: 2
  • Ended
  • FOX
  • Tuesday at 20
  • Comedy Crime


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Season 1
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 14, 1993
Washington, D.C. cop Paul gets a rude welcome to Bakersfield when his new partner commandeers his car.
The Imposter
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 21, 1993
Paul and Wade search for a con artist -- not helped by a police sketch artist who'd rather be drawing celebrities -- while the rest of the force prepare for their annual psychiatric evaluation.
Unsolved Mysteries of Love
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 28, 1993
Wade falls madly in love with the girlfriend of a burglary suspects; Chief Stiles is reluctant to participate in the annual blood drive.
The Snake Charmer
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 05, 1993
Sgt. Hampton's out of town, so an indecisive Capt. Stiles decides to make Paul his right-hand man -- and decision -maker.
The Poker Game
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 12, 1993
When Paul finally gets invited to the gang's regular poker night, he winds up the big winner -- or does he?
The Bust
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 19, 1993
Paul tells Wade the very personal reason he had for moving his family to Bakersfield, and it doesn't take much detective work for the other officers to learn the secret.
The Ex-Partner
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 26, 1993
Wade is jealous when Paul's former partner comes to town, and Capt. Stiles ponder the future amid rumours that Sgt. Hampton may retire.
Bakersfield Madam
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 02, 1993
During a sting, Capt. Stiles hides in a restroom rather than deal with a madam's black book containing the names of several influential johns.
Cable Does Not Pay
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 09, 1993
Capt. Stiles and Sgt. Hampton are taken hostage by an unhappy cable employee; Wade tries to get Paul to loosen up.
The Gift
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 16, 1993
Wade is overwhelmed when one of his crimeshow heroes ( Joe Santos of The Rockford Files) visits the station to r eport the theft of his car radio, and persuades him to participate in the .. show full overview
The President's Coming
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 23, 1993
Most of the department is left out of the loop when Secret Service agents arrive to protect the Presidential motorcade as it passes through town.
A Bullet for Stiles
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 30, 1993
A thief is released from prison and comes to Bakersfield to exact revenge on Capt. Stiles, the man who caught him 10 years earlier.
Lucky 13
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 21, 1993
Inadequacy strikes Stiles; Wade and Paul fall for a missing cow's owner; suspended Denny is forced to sell underwear from his car.
Arms and the Men
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 07, 1994
The city is up in arms, so to speak, when a severed limb is found in the civic water supply.
There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 21, 1994
Paul wants to buy a house in Denny's neighborhood, to Denny's discomfort.
The Psychic and the C-Cup
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 28, 1994
Paul and Wade seek a missing psychic; a secretary has cosmetic surgery.
1x17 Show finale
Last One Into the Water
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 18, 1994
The captain wants a spa in the men's locker room; Wade surprised Paul by revealing a caring side to his nature; Denny gets a surprise after he picks a fight with the fire department.

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