After Life

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  • Premiered: Mar 2019
  • Episodes: 12
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Season 2 Discuss
Episode 1
Air date
Apr 24, 2020
Determined to be kind but still struggling to be happy, Tony attends a Zen meditation course with Matt, whose own marriage is on the rocks.
Episode 2
Air date
Apr 24, 2020
Lenny's girlfriend's son takes a position at the Gazette. Sandy contemplates writing a gossip column. Matt gets iffy advice from his therapist.
Episode 3
Air date
Apr 24, 2020
A turn of events at the paper hits Sandy hard. Roxy and Pat share a meal, and Tony tries to support Matt's desire to get back out there.
Episode 4
Air date
Apr 24, 2020
Tony interviews a local woman addicted to corrective surgery. Later, he holds back the snark in hopes of cheering up Kath.
Episode 5
Air date
Apr 24, 2020
The curtains go up on the community theater revue and things go about as well as can be expected. Tony receives devastating news.
2x6 Season finale
Episode 6
Air date
Apr 24, 2020
Grieving over another loss, Tony asks his friends and co-workers for space, not sympathy. Later, he wrestles with what it means to move on.

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