90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

  • Premiered: Aug 2017
  • Episodes: 79
  • Followers: 163
  • Running
  • TLC
  • Sunday at 20
  • Documentary Reality


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Season 1
Bon Voyage!
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 06, 2017
Series premiere. Couples in online international relationships meet face-to-face for the first time and start the K-1 visa process.
Going the Distance
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 13, 2017
Sean lands in Haiti to meet Abby; Paul embarks on a two-day boat trip down the Amazon, but isn't sure if Karine will show up; Darcey encounters airport mishaps in Amsterdam.
Language of Love
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 20, 2017
Sean spends time with Abby, but struggles to put his doubts aside; Darcey and Jesse spend their first day together in Amsterdam; Paul worries he's getting stood up in Brazil; Cortney prepares to meet a Spanish model she has only texted.
Meet The Parents
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 27, 2017
Paul struggles to communicate with Karine's family. Dinner with Jesse's parents takes an unexpected turn for Darcey. Cortney leaves for Spain hoping that Antonio is not catfishing her. Patrick tells his family his plans to go to Paris to meet Myriam.
Secrets And Lies
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 03, 2017
Patrick leaves for Paris, while Myriam frets over a secret she has been keeping from him. Paul and Karine's happiness is interrupted by distrust. Sean faces tough questions from Abby's .. show full overview
Decisions, Decisions
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 10, 2017
Cortney hopes Antonio shows up at the airport. Sean makes a shocking new discovery about Abby's ex. Darcey and Jesse struggle to defend their age gap to a skeptical friend. Larry attempts to get a hold of Jenny.
Baby I'm Worth It
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 17, 2017
Paul worries about the results of Karine's STD & Pregnancy test. Cortney feels neglected during her first day in Spain. Larry encounters travel mishaps on his way to the Philippines. Myriam drops a bombshell on Patrick.
Moment of Truth
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 24, 2017
A disagreement between Darcey and Jesse escalates. Larry has questions about Jenny's past during his first day in Manilla. Patrick has a big decision to make in Paris after Myriam drops a bombshell. Abby's ex-boyfriend Chris arrives in Haiti.
Red Flags
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 01, 2017
Sean finally meets Abby's ex-boyfriend in an emotional showdown. Jesse and Darcey reach breaking point. Cortney is suspicious about Antonio's womanizing ways. Paul reveals a big secret to Karine, which leads to a dangerous encounter in Brazil.
Reality Check
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 08, 2017
Karine wonders what happened to Paul... Larry insults Jenny's family when he visits. Sean questions his future with Abby after their blow-up. Cortney wants more insight on Antonio's feelings. Patrick and Myriam have a heart to heart in Paris.
On The Brink
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 15, 2017
Will Karine accept Paul's apology? Patrick pushes Myriam too far. Sparks fly between Cortney & Antonio. Sean goes in search of Abby after their fight. Jesse has a surprise for Darcey. Larry tries to make amends with Jenny after insulting her family.
Line In The Sand
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 22, 2017
Tensions rise as Larry's cousin confronts Jenny. Patrick makes a last ditch effort to win over Myriam. Sean returns to Ohio uncertain about his future with Abby. Cortney worries about .. show full overview
All Or Nothing
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 29, 2017
Karine has a big decision ahead of her. Larry has an important question for Jenny. Cortney worries about the future as she leaves Spain. Darcey and Jesse share an emotional goodbye, and Sean returns to Haiti to see if Abby has kept her promise.
1x14 Season finale
Tell All
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 30, 2017
The couples reunite for an emotional and riveting tell all special. Now that everyone is back to long distance, they face new pressures, tension, and challenges. Host Shaun Robinson gets to the bottom of where they stand now.

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