The Simpsons

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  • Estreou: Abr 1987
  • Episódios: 685
  • Seguidores: 9466
  • Classificação #78
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Temporada 28 Discuss
Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus
Exibido em:
Set 25, 2016
After Springfield's latest disaster, Mr. Burns has a condition for the citizens before he finances rebuilding.
Friends and Family
Exibido em:
Out 02, 2016
Mr. Burns hires the Simpsons to play his live-in virtual reality family, but excludes Homer so that he may play dad. Now alone, Homer finds a new best friend in girl-next-door Julia, who eats, drinks and thinks like him.
The Town
Exibido em:
Out 09, 2016
After Homer catches Bart rooting for Springfield’s football rival, the Boston Americans, he plans a family “hate-cation” trip to Boston in an attempt to show Bart that Boston is a terrible city.
Treehouse of Horror XXVII
Exibido em:
Out 16, 2016
Better late than never, The Hunger Games come to Springfield!
Trust But Clarify
Exibido em:
Out 23, 2016
Lisa and Bart investigate Krusty’s suspicious new "Krustaceans" candy. Meanwhile, Homer wants a promotion at the nuclear plant and asks Marge to help him dress the part, and news anchor .. show full overview
There Will Be Buds
Exibido em:
Nov 06, 2016
Homer gets roped into coaching the kids' lacrosse team with Milhouse's dad, Kirk, who is in desperate need of a friend. When Kirk gets too clingy, Homer vents about how much of a loser .. show full overview
Havana Wild Weekend
Exibido em:
Nov 13, 2016
When the Retirement Castle and the V.A. Hospital can’t solve Grampa’s health issues, the Simpsons decide to take a family trip to Cuba to get him cheap medical care.
Dad Behavior
Exibido em:
Nov 20, 2016
Homer finds a new app that makes his life much easier and outsources his father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Grampa finds that he is about to be a father again.
The Last Traction Hero
Exibido em:
Dez 04, 2016
A workplace accident leaves Homer in a cast, and in a position to sue Mr. Burns. This leaves Marge unfulfilled, so she turns to an unexpected source for romance. Meanwhile, Lisa is made "Bus Monitor" and tries to keep the peace.
The Nightmare After Krustmas
Exibido em:
Dez 11, 2016
Krusty tries to impress his daughter as they spend Christmas with the Simpsons. Meanwhile, Reverend Lovejoy seeks converts after church attendance plummets, and Maggie is haunted by a spooky Christmas toy.
Pork and Burns
Exibido em:
Jan 08, 2017
When Marge becomes obsessed with a Japanese style of living, the Simpsons must part with any item that no longer brings them joy. For Homer, this means finding a new home for the family pig. For Lisa, it means saying goodbye to her beloved sax.
The Great Phatsby (1)
Exibido em:
Jan 15, 2017
Mr. Burns tries to relive his glory days and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the music .. show full overview
The Great Phatsby (2)
Exibido em:
Jan 15, 2017
Mr. Burns tries to relive his glory days and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul. After being conned by him and reduced to bankruptcy, Mr. Burns seeks revenge on the music .. show full overview
Exibido em:
Fev 12, 2017
When all the fast food restaurants in Springfield become healthy, Homer turns to the last bastion of greasy food for comfort — and digs up some childhood memories along the way. .. show full overview
The Cad and the Hat
Exibido em:
Fev 19, 2017
When Bart betrays Lisa, he has to deal with his guilt – literally. Meanwhile, Springfield is in awe when Homer is revealed to be a chess savant.
Kamp Krustier
Exibido em:
Mar 05, 2017
When Bart and Lisa return home abruptly after a traumatic incident at Kamp Krustier, they put an end to Homer and Marge's romantic encounters. Without sex to distract him, Homer becomes .. show full overview
22 for 30
Exibido em:
Mar 12, 2017
In this parody of a cable sports show, Bart goes from delinquent with detention to the star basketball player at Springfield Elementary. Lisa covers Bart's success for the school paper, .. show full overview
A Father's Watch
Exibido em:
Mar 19, 2017
Worried that Bart is destined for failure, Marge turns to a series of parenting "experts" for advice. Homer decides to cash in on one expert’s advice by opening up a trophy store in .. show full overview
Caper Chase
Exibido em:
Abr 02, 2017
Disappointed in Yale, Mr. Burns decides to start his own for-profit university and Homer is hired as a professor.
Looking for Mr. Goodbart
Exibido em:
Abr 30, 2017
Bart gets in trouble on Grandparents Day at school and is forced to hang out with Skinner’s mother as punishment. After spending time with various grandmas in the neighborhood, he learns .. show full overview
Moho House
Exibido em:
Mai 07, 2017
Homer and Marge attempt to work on their marriage, not knowing that Mr. Burns and Nigel have a bet on whether Nigel can break them apart. With the successful, albeit unconventional, help of Moe, the couple gets back their mojo.
28x22 Final da Temporada
Exibido em:
Mai 21, 2017
When Homer's court case determines that a dog's life is more valuable than a human's is, the status of man's best friend rises in Springfield. When the dogs recognize their new position of power, they assert their dominance over the humans.

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