Star Wars Rebels

  • Nota 8.9
  • Estreou: Jul 2014
  • Episódios: 75
  • Seguidores: 1763
  • Classificação #393
  • Finalizada
  • Disney XD
  • Segunda-Feira às 9


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Spark of Rebellion (1)
Exibido em:
Out 03, 2014
It is a dark time. The Jedi are no more, and the Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist -- bringing tyranny to the Outer Rim world of Lothal. Their ominous presence is a cloud over .. show full overview
Droids in Distress
Exibido em:
Out 13, 2014
The rebels intercept a shipment of weapons intended for the Empire and accidentally end up hosting a pair of droids.
Fighter Flight
Exibido em:
Out 20, 2014
With Ezra and Zeb arguing constantly, a simple errand to the market goes astray when they get in a tussle with stormtroopers and manage to steal a TIE fighter.
Rise of the Old Masters
Exibido em:
Out 27, 2014
The Rebels learn that old Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is being held captive in the Stittgen system. They get to her only to realize that they have fallen into a trap set by the Inquisitor.
Breaking Ranks
Exibido em:
Nov 03, 2014
The Rebels send Ezra on an undercover mission into the Imperial Academy to steal a decoder. When a couple newly made academy friends are put in danger by an edict of the Emperor, Ezra attempts to escape from the Academy with them.
Out of Darkness
Exibido em:
Nov 10, 2014
While on a supply run, Hera and Sabine find themselves stranded but not alone in a seemingly abandoned locale.
Empire Day
Exibido em:
Nov 17, 2014
Ezra struggles with unanswered questions from the past on Empire Day — his birthday — while the Ghost crew uncovers key Imperial intel. A refugee of the Empire seeks help from the Rebels to get off the planet with important Imperial information.
Gathering Forces
Exibido em:
Nov 24, 2014
To protect an Imperial deserter, Kanan & Ezra attempt to distract the pursuing Imperial forces, resulting in a confrontation.
Path of the Jedi
Exibido em:
Jan 05, 2015
Ezra must face a great challenge as part of his growth as a member of the team.
Idiot's Array
Exibido em:
Jan 19, 2015
The wrong gamble with a new acquaintance forces the crew into transporting some unusual cargo.
Vision of Hope
Exibido em:
Fev 02, 2015
The crew of the Ghost try to thwart an Imperial plan to capture an exiled dignitary who wants to host a secret rally on Lothal.
Call to Action
Exibido em:
Fev 09, 2015
As public awareness increases around the Rebels activity, they target an important Imperial network.
Rebel Resolve
Exibido em:
Fev 23, 2015
The Rebels attack an Imperial courier hoping to glean information that will help them lead a dangerous rescue attempt.
1x13 Final da Temporada
Fire Across the Galaxy
Exibido em:
Mar 02, 2015
The rebels must infiltrate the heart of an Imperial fleet to rescue Kanan.

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