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  • Rooster Teeth
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Temporada 6 Discuss
Argus Limited
Exibido em:
Out 27, 2018
Ruby Rose and her friends have been burdened with transporting the Relic of Knowledge safely to Atlas. There's countless miles of Grimm-covered countryside between the city of Mistral .. show full overview
Exibido em:
Nov 03, 2018
No matter how hard you may try to bury it, the past will always claw its way back to you.
The Lost Fable
Exibido em:
Nov 10, 2018
What is your favorite fairy tale?
So That's How It Is
Exibido em:
Nov 17, 2018
Heroes and villains alike are confronted with troubling revelations.
The Coming Storm
Exibido em:
Nov 24, 2018
The spiders in Mistral always deliver, but shelter doesn't always guarantee safety.
Alone in the Woods
Exibido em:
Dez 01, 2018
As darkness falls on Brunswick Farms and the snow continues to fall, Team RWBY's morale is at an all-time low. The only thing worse than being stranded, alone in the woods... is realizing you're not alone at all.
The Grimm Reaper
Exibido em:
Dez 08, 2018
While Cinder shares her plans with Neo, Maria shares her past with Team RWBY, and both groups are dead-set on making it to Atlas.
Dead End
Exibido em:
Dez 15, 2018
The Atlas representatives in Argus have no intention of assisting Team RWBY. In fact, they're adamantly opposed to it. It's time to come up with a new solution... and it's time to tell Jaune, Nora, and Ren about Jinn.
Exibido em:
Dez 29, 2018
With Cinder gone, Emerald and Mercury are starting to raise questions, and they're not the only ones; Jaune, Nora, and Ren search for Oscar, but still aren't sure what they'll do if they find him.
Stealing from the Elderly
Exibido em:
Jan 05, 2019
Our heroes have one shot to pull off the heist of their lives, and if they're going to succeed, they'll need everyone to do their part. It's go time.
The Lady in the Shoe
Exibido em:
Jan 12, 2019
The only thing standing between our heroes and Atlas is Caroline Cordovin, but it will have to be a joint effort if they're going to bring her down. Meanwhile, Yang races to find Blake while Adam does his best to finish her.
Seeing Red
Exibido em:
Jan 19, 2019
Our heroes are running out of time. As Cordovin continues to stand tall, Blake and Yang stand together, and all combatants must ask themselves, "How far am I willing to go to win?"
6x13 Final da Temporada
Our Way
Exibido em:
Jan 26, 2019
A Leviathan has emerged from the ocean depths and now threatens to destroy the city of Argus. With Cordo's Colossus incapacitated, the Atlas Base has little they can do to protect the people.

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