People Magazine Investigates: Cults

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Temporada 2
Children of God
Episode overview
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Jun 03, 2019
Prophet David Berg attracts thousands of followers as the Children of God cult spreads through communes around the world. But his free love message turns sinister, espousing .. show full overview
Manson Family Murders
Episode overview
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Jun 10, 2019
In the late 60s, Charles Manson entices dozens of young women to live with him in a California desert commune. The facade breaks when Manson orders his followers to commit a string of .. show full overview
Heaven's Gate
Episode overview
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Jun 17, 2019
In 1997, Heaven's Gate leader Marshall Applewhite convinces 39 people to follow him to their graves; the world sees the event as the largest mass suicide on U.S. soil, but for Applewhite's followers, it is a way to catch a UFO to heaven.
The Sinful Messiah
Episode overview
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Jun 24, 2019
In 2014, a severed human leg draws attention to The Work, an apocalyptic cult; known as the Sinful Messiah, Julius Shacknow commands total devotion and terrible sacrifice, called "the special work," as the only way to achieve eternal salvation.
The Movement of God
Episode overview
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Jul 01, 2019
Charismatic preacher Sam Fife inspires a worldwide network of nondenominational Christian groups; to prepare for the apocalypse, followers renounce everything to move to the wilderness where they're subjected to beatings, exorcisms and brainwashing.
Word of Faith
Episode overview
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Jul 08, 2019
Lost souls flock to North Carolina where they're promised deliverance from demons by Pastor Jane Whaley at the Word of Faith Fellowship; however, deliverance comes at a price, including beatings, medical horrors and psychological abuse.

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