Kota Factory

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  • Estreou: Abr 2019
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Temporada 1
Episode overview
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Abr 16, 2019
Raw material enters the factory but what will he come out as - finished product or a disposable waste.
Assembly Line
Episode overview
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Abr 23, 2019
Every process faces initial glitches. But are these just teething issues or systemic problems. Will the gears align, Will the process streamline?
Episode overview
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Abr 30, 2019
There may be several paths to manufacture a product. But are the processes followed utilizing the resources optimally? Is the path followed that of least resistance?
Episode overview
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Mai 07, 2019
Factories are often shut to allow for ‘Lubrication and Maintenance’. Is this mere vanity or a ‘necessary evil’.
1x5 Final da Série
Episode overview
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Mai 14, 2019
Should one keep pursuing an existing decent-enough product or should one bear the additional cost to pursue the best quality possible. And what if a complete overhaul is required to enforce the change?

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