Kim Possible

  • Nota 8.1
  • Estreou: Jun 2002
  • Episódios: 90
  • Seguidores: 304
  • Classificação #1315
  • Finalizada
  • Disney Channel
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Temporada 2 Discuss
Naked Genius
Exibido em:
Jul 18, 2003
Drakken kidnaps Ron when he believes he is a super genius because Ron’s schoolwork has recently been completed by a brain ray-enhanced Rufus; while Dr. Drakken attempts to figure out the .. show full overview
Grudge Match
Exibido em:
Jul 25, 2003
Ron tries to make his move on new girl, Zita Flores, while Kim investigates a missing super robot in the underground world of robot pit fighting.
Two to Tutor
Exibido em:
Ago 01, 2003
When Señor Senior Sr. becomes disappointed in the way his son’s villainy is handled, he decides to hire a tutor to ensure his son’s success; which turns out to be Shego. Meanwhile, a .. show full overview
The Ron Factor
Exibido em:
Ago 08, 2003
When Dr. Director at Global Justice decides that it's the "Ron-ness" that's Kim's secret to success, Ron goes under the microscope. Unfortunately, this means being stolen by the .. show full overview
Car Trouble
Exibido em:
Ago 15, 2003
Kim and Ron are taking Drivers Ed, which most of the students are nervous but Kim remains confident that she’ll do a good job. However, when she chokes up and fails the initial test, .. show full overview
Rufus in Show
Exibido em:
Ago 22, 2003
When a diamond is stolen, all the signs indicate that a Lithuanian Wolfhound breeder named Falsetto Jones is the thief. Kim and Ron enter Rufus into a dog show as a Peruvian Hairless in .. show full overview
Adventures in Rufus-Sitting
Exibido em:
Ago 22, 2003
Kim's canon of villainous foes go hunting for Naked Mole Rat when Rufus becomes the carrier of a much-coveted micro-decoder … all while Kim is pet-sitting for Ron.
Job Unfair
Exibido em:
Ago 29, 2003
It’s career day and Kim expects to be paired up with her mother. However, when Bonnie gets teamed up with her instead, Kim gets stuck with a janitor who seems too dedicated to his job. .. show full overview
The Golden Years
Exibido em:
Set 05, 2003
Kim, Ron and the Possible family head to Florida to help Kim's grandmother unpack at her new home. Can Kim fight against her grandmother's over-protectiveness? Meanwhile, Drakken and .. show full overview
Exibido em:
Set 12, 2003
Ron is sucked into the cyber game world of Everlot as he attempts to impress Zita. The whole gang duels Malcolm the Wraithmaster LotR-style, with a little help from a not-so-naked Tunnel Lord.
The Fearless Ferret
Exibido em:
Out 03, 2003
When Ron is volunteering to help the elderly by doing tasks for them, Ron is assigned to the house of Timothy North, an elderly man who has sent all volunteers away. However, Ron .. show full overview
Exibido em:
Nov 07, 2003
When Middleton High School participates in a student exchange program, Ron is selected to go to a school in Japan while a student named Hirotaka is chosen to come to Middleton. Ron .. show full overview
Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles
Exibido em:
Nov 14, 2003
Kim and Ron head out to stop Dr. Drakken from performing his latest evil scheme, one which involves a shrinking ray and Area 51. However, when the shrinking ray malfunctions and hits .. show full overview
Day of the Snowmen
Exibido em:
Nov 14, 2003
The weather outside is frightful when evil, toxically-mutated snowmen terrorize Middleton.
A Sitch in Time (Part One: Present)
Exibido em:
Nov 28, 2003
Kim and Ron start out a new school year, only to find out that Ron's family is moving to Norway. This puts a strain on their partnership, just as Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff .. show full overview
A Sitch in Time (Part Two: Past)
Exibido em:
Nov 28, 2003
Kim and Ron start out a new school year, only to find out that Ron's family is moving to Norway. This puts a strain on their partnership, just as Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff .. show full overview
2x33 Final da Temporada
A Sitch in Time (Part Three: Future)
Exibido em:
Nov 28, 2003
Kim and Ron start out a new school year, only to find out that Ron's family is moving to Norway. This puts a strain on their partnership, just as Dr. Drakken, Monkey Fist, and Duff .. show full overview
A Very Possible Christmas
Exibido em:
Dez 05, 2003
In the spirit of the season, Drakken, Shego, Ron, and the Possible family put their differences behind them to share Christmas in the Arctic ... of course, only after several action-packed battles and confrontations.
Queen Bebe
Exibido em:
Dez 19, 2003
When a recent string of thefts cause a global shortage on a certain type of doll, Kim decides to investigate, despite the fact that she already has a lot of extra-curricular duties to .. show full overview
Hidden Talent
Exibido em:
Jan 02, 2004
When Ron signs Kim up for the talent show without her permission, Kim needs to think of a way to not make a fool of herself but still have a chance to perform better than Bonnie. .. show full overview
Return to Wannaweep
Exibido em:
Jan 16, 2004
The Mad Dog cheerleaders (and mascot) are off to Cheer Camp. But when a plumbing problem prevents them from holding it at a community college, they're forced to relocate to the .. show full overview
Go Team Go
Exibido em:
Jan 30, 2004
On their trip to Go City, Ron and Kim come across a villain named Aviarius who is seeking the power of another hero. However, when Kim inadvertently winds up with the a hero named .. show full overview
The Full Monkey
Exibido em:
Fev 13, 2004
When Kim and Ron once again head out to stop Lord Monkey Fist, Kim manages to retrieve the amulet that he stole. However, when the mystical monkey amulet begins to turn Kim into a .. show full overview
Exibido em:
Fev 20, 2004
When Kim is sprayed with some pollen that causes her to vanish more and more each time she blushes, she must stay at home while Ron and Wade work together to find the cure. However, .. show full overview
Exibido em:
Mar 12, 2004
It's super villains in love when Drakken hits on DNAmy for her mutation skills. Only Kim and her genius science fair partner can stop Middleton from becoming extinct at the claws of a Barney-gone-baddie.
Oh Boyz
Exibido em:
Abr 02, 2004
It’s Señor Senior Jr.’s birthday and Señor Senior Sr. wishes to give him anything he wants, but when it turns out that he wants to be an international pop sensation, Señor Senior Sr. .. show full overview
Sick Day
Exibido em:
Abr 23, 2004
When Kim catches a cold from her brothers before a mission, she soon discovers that it’s hard to save the world when you’re not feeling well. Dr. Drakken and Shego exploit the moment to .. show full overview
The Truth Hurts
Exibido em:
Abr 23, 2004
When trying to save a scientist from Dr. Drakken’s secret arctic base, Kim and Ron are hit with a truth ray which forces them to speak the absolute truth about every issue. Kim soon .. show full overview
Mother's Day
Exibido em:
Mai 07, 2004
Moms Possible and Lipsky share a day in the life of their kids as both are dragged into the Kim-Drakken (aka Drew Lipsky) conflict on their special holiday.
Motor Ed
Exibido em:
Mai 21, 2004
Kim is introduced to her father’s acquaintance’s son, Felix, who turns out to be handicapped in the fact that he must use a wheelchair. Kim does her best to treat him properly though .. show full overview
Ron Millionaire
Exibido em:
Jun 04, 2004
When Ron gains Naco royalties from Bueno Nacho and becomes a multi-millionaire, he loses track of his persona and becomes a self-absorbed individual. However, when Dr. Drakken attempts .. show full overview
Triple S
Exibido em:
Jul 26, 2004
While on the trail of a thief with a 555 tattooed on the back of his neck, Kim heads to the X-Games because the thief has been robbing stores near the tournament’s holding ground. .. show full overview
Rewriting History
Exibido em:
Ago 05, 2004
While Kim and Ron are at the Museum, she discovers that one of her ancestors was a thief and she decides to figure out what really happened in order to clear her family’s name. However, .. show full overview

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