In the Heat of the Night

  • Estreou: Mar 1988
  • Episódios: 146
  • Seguidores: 5
  • Finalizada
  • CBS
  • Desconhecido
  • Crime Drama Mystery Thriller


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Temporada 5
A Woman Much Admired
Episode overview
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Out 01, 1991
Gillespie's old flame returns to Sparta to settle some business matters and see Bill. When she is murdered he travels to Gulfport and meets his daughter Lana for the first time.
Baby for Sale
Episode overview
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Out 08, 1991
After Bubba's cousin adopts a baby her husband is blackmailed by the child's real parents - they want him to help them steal the payroll where he works.
Episode overview
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Out 22, 1991
A flirtatious schoolteacher is stalked by a madman.
Liar's Poker
Episode overview
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Out 29, 1991
A game of high stakes poker ends in murder.
Ruda's Awakening
Episode overview
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Nov 05, 1991
Virgil's Aunt Ruda is the only witness to a struggle between Bubba and a young robbery suspect that ends in the young mans death.But her prejudice against the police -- and Virgil clouds her memory of the incident.
Unfinished Business
Episode overview
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Nov 12, 1991
Bubba returns to Los Angeles to testify at a murder trial and is reunited with Pat Day as they try to protect Mike from killers sent to prevent him from testifying.
The More Things Change
Episode overview
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Nov 19, 1991
A man murders his business partner and frames the man's illegitimate daughter for the crime in an attempt to gain the man's business and his wife.
Sweet, Sweet Blues
Episode overview
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Nov 26, 1991
The lyrics to a blues song recall a murder that happened 50 years earlier.The victim - Sweet's grandfather.And the only people left with the answers are the bluesman who wrote the song and a retired sheriff.
Sparta Gold
Episode overview
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Dez 03, 1991
A deputy provides protection for a cotton grower who is running a pot growing operation.But the deputy makes a big mistake when he wounds Bubba's girlfriend.
An Eye for an Eye
Episode overview
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Dez 10, 1991
The father of a man Gerard prosecuted kidnaps the DA's daughter.
The Littlest Victim
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Dez 17, 1991
Lonnie makes a heartbreaking discovery about a woman he dated in high school.
The Landlord
Episode overview
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Jan 07, 1992
A drug dealing slumlord is murdered by his accomplices.
Fool for Love
Episode overview
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Jan 14, 1992
A doctor plots to eliminate his wife -- and his mistress.
Love, Honor and Obey
Episode overview
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Fev 04, 1992
Parkers investigation into a purse snatching reveals an abused woman.
Episode overview
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Fev 11, 1992
Racists target a ceremony honoring a civil rights pioneer.
A Time to Trust
Episode overview
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Fev 18, 1992
Althea fears for one of her students after her mother's boyfriend is linked to a criminal operation that has resulted in the deaths of several truckers.
By Means Most Foul
Episode overview
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Fev 25, 1992
A restaurateur and her mechanic boyfriend plot to eliminate her husband, but their scheme backfires.Gillespie takes heat over a string of mailbox bashings.And Virgil soon regrets ignoring Parker's theory regarding where the vandals would strike next.
Trundel's Will Be Done
Episode overview
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Mar 03, 1992
V.J. Trundel's widow takes Harriet to court to gain custody of Eric.But Harriet is determined that her nephew will not be raised in the home of the man who ordered the murder of her sister.
Moseley's Lot
Episode overview
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Mar 31, 1992
Gillespie learns that the son of an old friend is a compulsive gambler.The young man wants his father to pay off his losses.But when two gangsters show up from New Orleans to collect, .. show full overview
Family Reunion
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 07, 1992
An ex-convict attempts to retrieve his loot from his wife and her new husband in this tongue-in-cheek episode.
Episode overview
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Mai 12, 1992
A political prisoner who entered the country illegally,seeks sanctuary in a monastary.Gillespie and Tibbs find themselves at odds with Sheriff McComb when they try to help the man.
5x22 Final da Temporada
The Law on Trial
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Mai 19, 1992
Gillespie,Tibbs and Father DiMarco must stand trial for harbouring a fugitive and obstructing justice.

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