Anne with an E

  • Nota 10.0
  • Estreou: Mar 2017
  • Episódios: 28
  • Seguidores: 534
  • Classificação #913
  • Finalizada
  • CBC (CA)
  • Domingo às 8


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Temporada 1
Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Mar 19, 2017
When a miscommunication brings a girl to Green Gables instead of a boy, Marilla and Matthew are faced with a life-changing decision.
I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Mar 26, 2017
Hoping all is not lost, Matthew races to catch up with Anne while Marilla anxiously hopes and waits for their return to Green Gables.
But What Is So Headstrong as Youth?
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 02, 2017
Anne is excited to begin school and make friends, but is unprepared for the bullying that occurs when she doesn’t fit in.
An Inward Treasure Born
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 09, 2017
A house fire helps Anne in her decision of whether or not to go back to school.
Tightly Knotted to a Similar String
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 16, 2017
Anne must deal with the inevitability of womanhood when she gets her first period. At the same time, Marilla and Matthew acclimatize to parenthood and revisit moments of their youth through Anne.
Remorse Is the Poison of Life
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 23, 2017
When her little sister becomes ill, Diana runs to Anne for help. Meanwhile, the Blythe farm sees change, as Marilla is reminded of what she gave up and Matthew receives some unsettling news.
1x7 Final da Temporada
Wherever You Are Is My Home
Episode overview
Exibido em:
Abr 30, 2017
On the verge of losing the farm, the Cuthberts must do whatever it takes to save it. Anne is reminded of the strength of friendship and love.

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