• Puan 7.7
  • Prömiyeri: Tem 2004
  • Bölümler: 44
  • Takipçiler: 1208
  • Derece #514
  • Bitti
  • USA Network
  • Pazar saat 11


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Sezon 4
The Wrath of Graham
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 17, 2007
A high school student develops an ability after injecting promicin. Tom visits Isabelle in jail, while Diana searches for her missing sister. Following the advice of a young woman, .. show full overview
Fear Itself
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Haz 24, 2007
Tom and Diana search for someone who has the ability to make people's worst fears come true. Danny seeks Shawn's help to find a promicin shot. Meanwhile, Cassie leads Kyle to a book that contains a prophecy about Jordan Collier.
Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Tem 01, 2007
An elderly woman develops the ability to astral project unseen by others, but she is stuck in limbo when her body is murdered, and she must find a way to contact Tom and Diana to help .. show full overview
The Truth & Nothing But The Truth
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Tem 08, 2007
April's new ability takes her in a danger. Meanwhile, Shawn is approached to run for public office. Kyle helps Isabelle.
Try The Pie
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Tem 15, 2007
Tom tracks Jordan to a small town, where he meets a woman who can relieve people's stress by talking to them. Meanwhile, Marco and Diana have a nice talk. Maia's visions are giving her nightmares.
The Marked
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Tem 22, 2007
Jordan wants Shawn to rejoin the movement. Meanwhile, a 4400 with an amazing ability disappears.
Till We Have Built Jerusalem
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Tem 29, 2007
When Jordan Collier and his followers seize control of most of Seattle, the government sends a Delta Force of enhanced soldiers to capture Collier dead or alive.
No Exit
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Ağu 05, 2007
P.J. took the Promicin shot 2 months ago. Now he has an ability...
Daddy's Little Girl
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Ağu 12, 2007
Richard returns from hiding to abduct Isabelle from Promise City, hoping to "start over." Meanwhile, Tess, her schizophrenia out of control, uses her ability to take control of a diner full of people.
One of Us
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Ağu 19, 2007
Tom and Diana look for Richard, but Tom is distracted by his dreams about the future. Meanwhile, Collier is threatened by Shawn's test that could determine who would die from a Promicin shot.
Ghost in the Machine
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Ağu 26, 2007
Tom and Diana must race to find the source of a computer virus that could bring down Ubient software, one of the world's largest software companies that is run by suspected member of the .. show full overview
Tiny Machines
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eyl 09, 2007
Meghan and Diana learn how to remove the entity from Tom, but the procedure is dangerous. Meanwhile, Shawn finds help in his attempt to rescue Kevin from Promise City; and Jordan is betrayed by someone close.
4x13 Dizi finali
The Great Leap Forward
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Eyl 16, 2007
Paramedics try to resuscitate Susan Farrell. They believe that she took promicin and lost the 50/50 lotto that comes with it. Danny is certain that she did not take the shot. After .. show full overview

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