Pawn Stars

  • Puan 8.5
  • Prömiyeri: Tem 2009
  • Bölümler: 604
  • Takipçiler: 685
  • Derece #790
  • Devam eden
  • History
  • Pazartesi saat 9


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Sezon 2021
Gotsta Get Pawned
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Oca 04, 2021
Chum huddles up for a chance to buy an early 20th century football. Can he get this deal across the goal line before the seller hikes up the price? Next, a life-size Spider-Man flies .. show full overview
Knock Your Sox Off
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Oca 11, 2021
Corey plays ball when he gets a signed letter that knocks his White Sox off. Will he swing for the fences, or get shut out? Next, Rick looks at a John Wilkes Booth poster you're not .. show full overview
Rick's Big Shot
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Mar 22, 2021
When a seller comes in with an overcoat once owned by suspected JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, will the deal be a stroll on a grassy knoll, or will Rick lose his shot at owning a piece .. show full overview
Pawn Shop Rock
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Mar 29, 2021
A blade rumored to belong to a Japanese World War II admiral commands Rick's attention. Can he cut a deal, or will the negotiations be pointless? Then, the guys take another Harrison .. show full overview
Rick's Surreal Supper
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Nis 12, 2021
When Chum gets his hands on a one-of-a-kind chair with a strange feature, will Rick turn a blind eye to his spending? Then, a helmet that once belonged to Evel Knievel lands in the shop. .. show full overview
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Nis 19, 2021
When a Mick Foley t-shirt and autographed mask come into the shop, Rick calls in a very special guest to authenticate it. Can he wrestle a superstar price, or end up getting slammed? .. show full overview
To Infinity and Be-pawned!
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Nis 26, 2021
Rick tries to win one from the Gipper when a special pendant hits the counter. Can the patron saint of pawn shops help Rick land the deal? Next, a massive collection of vinyl LPs has .. show full overview
Pawn Stars and Movie Stars
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 03, 2021
Rick and Chum flip out when Spencer stops by the shop with a few vintage items. Will they tilt the negotiations in their favor, or will they not be able to see eye to eye? Next, a Bruno .. show full overview
Atomic Pawn
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 10, 2021
Chum goes for a hole-in-one when a signed Jack Nicklaus golf glove swings into the shop. Meanwhile, Corey targets a G.I. Joe Tomahawk helicopter toy. Will he get to be a real American .. show full overview
Once a Pawn a Time in Hollywood
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
May 17, 2021
When a vintage Yellow Cab hat pulls into the shop, can Rick hail a fare deal? Next, a seller pops in with a gum ball machine. Will he stick to a fair price, or do Corey and Chum have to .. show full overview
Off the Rails
Episode overview
Yayınlanma tarihi
Tem 19, 2021
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