Waking the Dead

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  • BBC One
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  • Crime Drama Mystery



Harbinger (1)
Episode overview
Boyd has to break in a new team member of equal rank, Detective Superintendent Sarah Cavendish, a high-flyer recently grounded by a hushed-up failed operation.After the empty and .. show full overview
Harbinger (2)
Episode overview
Boyd is convinced that the missing Donald is not a murderer, and pushes his team to try to make sense of all the vague connections in the case and eventually confront the unfathomable evil lurking within the heart of this sad, unfortunate family.
Care (1)
Episode overview
After a woman is discovered stabbed in the eyes and incinerated in her car she is identified as Claire Somers, a neglected child who was taken into care, then later kidnapped in 1986 at .. show full overview
Care (2)
Episode overview
The investigation into Claire Somers' death has seemingly unleashed a predator straight from the darkest childhood nightmare. But are they looking for a monstrous child-stealer, or misguided saviours?
Solidarity (1)
Episode overview
When the squad look in to the case of an army activist discovered in London's sewer system they discover that the case may have more police connections than they originaly thought.
Solidarity (2)
Episode overview
As the case continues, the squad investigate Murray using Grace as bait. However, when one member is shot and one member is arrested, the case could go in to turmoil, only for a connection to be revealed.
Conviction (1)
Episode overview
Boyd suspects a cover-up when a missing student's DNA matches with an unidentified corpse.
Conviction (2)
Episode overview
Boyd needs Sarah's expertise to help expose the state's involvement in Barclay's death.
Waterloo (1)
Episode overview
Boyd investigates the disappearance of 16 homeless boys from Waterloo Bridge in the 1980s.
Waterloo (2)
Episode overview
Time is running out for Boyd as he fights for justice against a powerful adversary.