The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Episode overview
The satirical comedy/drama about a rock band from Glasgow begins and we're introduced to Jez and his bandmates known as Jocks Wa Hey. Jez's meeting Fiona, a DSS officer/musician, along with the band's first gig leads to something unexpected.
Creating the Buzz
Episode overview
After a wild night together, involving the band's gig and nude guitar playing, Jez decides to ask Fiona to join Jocks Wa Hey.
The A&R Men Cometh
Episode overview
Three months have passed, the band has been gigging non-stop without a sniff from a record company. Fiona and Jez confront Art who agrees to put on an industry showcase at Glasgow .. show full overview
Sign on the Line
Episode overview
In London, the band readies to make a deal with Slick Sloan. A deal which could turn them into London's next big thing.
Making Tracks
Episode overview
Musician Fish guest stars as Derek Trout, a rock star whose house is being used to record Jocks Wa Hey's first big album.
Shifting the Units
Episode overview
Promoting a rock band is not always easy as the band soon finds out when they realize that they have to perform on a childrens' TV show. To make matters worse, Jocks Wa Hey seems to be growing apart due to rising tensions between the band members.