The Starter Wife

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Hour 1
Episode overview
Molly Kagan seems to have it all. She has a wonderful husband, adorable daughter and lives in Brentwood mansion. With her husband's Hollywood connections as a movie studio executive .. show full overview
Hour 2
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Hour 3
Episode overview
Lou has disappeared and the police questions Molly. Sam's past is revealed to Molly over a coffee date as she learns he is homeless. Joan's lie about her sister "Bambi" is catching up .. show full overview
Hour 4
Episode overview
The police brings Sam in for questioning regarding Lou's disappearance and Joan is hurt in a drunken-driving accident.
Hour 5
Episode overview
Molly is happy with Sam, but her other relationships suffer when she tries to get Joan to quit drinking. Meanwhile, the divorce proceedings aren't going well, and Sam begins to feel pressure from Molly to change.
Hour 6
Episode overview
In the season finale, Molly causes a blowup with Joan after reporting her rehab stunt to Pappy. Then she faces a difficult choice between Sam, who wants her back, and Lou, who wants to .. show full overview