The King of Queens

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  • Premiered: Sep 1998
  • Episodes: 207
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Season 1 Discuss
Air date
Sep 21, 1998
Doug receives his new big screen TV and turns the basement into a private recreation room. However, after the death of the wife of Carrie's father and the subsequent burning down of his .. show full overview
Fat City
Air date
Sep 28, 1998
Stunned by an old photograph of Carrie's mother, Doug convinces Carrie to go on a diet and must pretend he is going on one too.
Cello, Goodbye
Air date
Oct 05, 1998
Carrie's on the fast track at her new job in a Manhattan law firm. But the trappings of success – late nights at the office, free concert tickets and being surrounded by bright, dynamic .. show full overview
Richie's Song
Air date
Oct 12, 1998
Doug can't figure out why Carrie refuses to go on a double date with Richie and his wife, Marie.
Paternal Affairs
Air date
Oct 19, 1998
Doug and Carrie throw a wedding anniversary party for themselves. Doug invites his aunt, and finds out that his aunt and uncle are having problems. When Arthur meets Doug's aunt, he .. show full overview
Head First
Air date
Oct 26, 1998
After feeling bad that Arthur has no friends, Doug starts taking Arthur everywhere with him.
The Rock
Air date
Nov 02, 1998
Doug and Carrie remember when he proposed to her after a jeweler offers more money for the ring than Doug had originally paid.
Educating Doug
Air date
Nov 09, 1998
Carrie signs her and Doug up for a class at the community college when she begins to think that they're becoming dumb and boring. Doug has a hard time with it, but luckily Spence in also in the class...
Road Rayge
Air date
Nov 16, 1998
Doug regrets helping Ray Barone cheat on his driving test. Meanwhile, Arthur's neediness hinder's Carrie's studying.
Supermarket Story
Air date
Nov 23, 1998
Carrie has Thanksgiving Day planned but is guilted into making a homemade meal which leaves her with less than a day to make a meal for ten people.
Noel Cowards
Air date
Dec 14, 1998
Doug and Carrie realize they must buy a new car after theirs breaks down. One problem: they can't afford it.
Fixer Upper
Air date
Dec 21, 1998
Carrie fixes Spence up on a blind date with one of her co-workers.
Best Man
Air date
Jan 11, 1999
Doug and Carrie attend a wedding of an old flame of Carrie's, creating an uncomfortable situation for Doug.
Dog Days
Air date
Jan 18, 1999
The Heffernans' new neighbors have a dog that keeps them up at night, but Doug wants to avoid confrontation. Arthur thinks Charles Schultz is using him as a template for Peanuts characters.
Crappy Birthday
Air date
Feb 01, 1999
Carrie is upset about getting older when her 30th birthday rolls around.
S'Ain't Valentine's
Air date
Feb 08, 1999
Doug's romantic plans with Carrie are hijacked by Veronica, who has planned a last-minute surprise party for Spence. Arthur meets a woman at a Senior Center dance.
Court Date
Air date
Feb 15, 1999
Carrie gets a speeding ticket and Doug, out of fear of the car insurance doubling, convinces her to go on a date with the cop that gave her the ticket.
White Collar
Air date
Feb 22, 1999
Doug begins to miss being behind the wheel of his truck when he is promoted after the death of his shift supervisor.
Rayny Day
Air date
Mar 01, 1999
When Ray Barone calls and asks Doug if he wants to play golf at his private club, Doug cancels on his friend Richie – who he was going to spend the day with in order to comfort him after .. show full overview
Train Wreck
Air date
Mar 15, 1999
Doug is upset when his new trainee doesn't make Carrie jealous; Meanwhile, Arthur must deal with his purchase of his tombstone in advance and changing the first two numbers of his death year from 19 to 20.
Hungry Man
Air date
Apr 05, 1999
Carrie's boss is having a cocktail party to impress a client and the only way Doug made it there was by not eating anything all day. He embarrasses Carrie by searching for food after he .. show full overview
Time Share
Air date
Apr 26, 1999
Carrie isn't happy that Doug's invited the Sackskys over-until she learns they're separating and offering them their Hamptons time-share. Meanwhile, Arthur seeks answers from an ointment company after developing a nasty rash.
Where's Poppa?
Air date
May 03, 1999
Doug and Carrie send Arthur off to work at cousin Danny's pizza restaurant.
Art House
Air date
May 10, 1999
Arthur almost gets Doug fired. Doug then releases all his feelings about Arthur, which results in him moving out of the house.
1x25 Season finale
Maybe Baby
Air date
May 17, 1999
Doug and Carrie consider having a baby, which results in a flashback from Arthur about the day that Carrie was born.

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