The Fosters (2013)

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  • Premiered: Jun 2013
  • Episodes: 104
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Season 3
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 08, 2015
As the family deals with the aftermath of the accident, Stef is determined to find the driver responsible for the crash. Callie continues to volunteer at the drop-in center where she .. show full overview
Father's Day
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 15, 2015
As part of their annual tradition, Stef and Lena have Mike over for Father's Day brunch. Jude surprises everyone, especially Callie, by inviting his biological father, Donald to join .. show full overview
Déjà Vu
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 22, 2015
When the family takes a vested interest in AJ, Callie has doubts about whether she can trust him. Stef surprises Lena with some news about Monte. Meanwhile, Jude has trouble moving on from the trauma of the shooting incident.
More Than Words
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 29, 2015
When Lena’s half-brother Nate comes for a visit with Lena and her parents, Lena aims to get an apology for an offensive name he called her mother years ago. Meanwhile, Cole invites Callie, Jude and Connor to an LGBTQ prom.
Going South
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 06, 2015
Callie convinces Brandon to head out on a mysterious trip that brings them to Mexico. Stef and Lena discover an empty pregnancy test box in the trash and wonder if someone in the house is worried they are pregnant.
It's My Party
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 13, 2015
Callie thinks she's celebrating her 17th birthday with just the family, but Jude surprises her with a house party. Jude's surprise risks exposing both Callie's and Mariana's secrets when .. show full overview
Faith, Hope, Love
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 20, 2015
Stef and Lena hesitate to give their blessing when Mariana's biological grandfather tells her she must be baptized in order to be her new half-sister Isabella's godmother. Callie's .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 03, 2015
When Rita's daughter shows up unexpectedly, Callie sees a different side of Rita and learns the reason behind their strained relationship. Stef discovers a new lead in the hit-and-run case. Brandon confronts his moms about the tensions in the house.
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 10, 2015
The family heads to Idyllwild for Brandon's music competition where long-held feelings are revealed and life-changing secrets are unveiled. Callie finds herself in danger of being hurt .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 17, 2015
Amid tensions in their own relationship, Stef and Lena host a 40th anniversary party for Lena's parents. Callie faces the judge who will determine the consequences of her actions, all .. show full overview
First Impressions
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 25, 2016
Former foster teen Callie is now officially adopted into the Adams Foster family. She must put aside any romantic feelings for Brandon and does so by throwing herself into her “Fost and .. show full overview
Mixed Messages
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 01, 2016
Brandon is upset when he learns that his shared secret with Callie is in jeopardy. Lena and Stef’s mother, Sharon, disagrees over how Stef should handle her diagnosis. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
If and When
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 08, 2016
Callie is surprised to find that Jude is spending time with Jack, a quirky foster teen they met at a foster youth event. Brandon and Mat decide to write a Romeo & Juliet rock musical as .. show full overview
Under Water
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 15, 2016
After Callie and Jude discover Jack is being abused by other boys in his group foster home, they turn to foster care advocate Justina to get him help. Jesus attempts to get to know Gabe .. show full overview
Minor Offenses
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 22, 2016
When Stef and Lena discover Callie wants to film an endorsement supporting a new foster care reform bill, they express concern, prompting Callie to seek out Rita for support. Hoping to .. show full overview
Air date
Feb 29, 2016
Brandon’s senior thesis is in jeopardy when a student raises concerns about the play glorifying suicide, leaving the school honor board to vote on whether or not his Romeo and Juliet .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 07, 2016
Jesus is upset after his plans for a low key birthday are supplanted by Mariana, who plans a huge dance party instead. Jude is excited by the prospect of a weekend visit with Connor. .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 14, 2016
During a rehearsal for Brandon and Mat’s “Romeo and Juliet” musical, Zoe tells Nick that Mariana cheated on Mat when they dated, causing Mariana to fear that Nick will end their .. show full overview
The Show
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 21, 2016
As they perform the parts of Romeo and Juliet on the show's big opening night, Mat and Mariana are forced to face the depth of their feelings for each other. The musical performance .. show full overview
3x20 Season finale
Kingdom Come
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 28, 2016
In the wake of a tragic loss, the family pulls together and searches for answers. Callie makes a shocking discovery that has her questioning her loyalties. Nick gives Mariana an .. show full overview

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