The 1970s: That Was The Decade That Was

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Episode 1
Episode overview
After the optimism of the 1960s, where was the following decade headed? This documentary series takes a look at the atmosphere of the 1970s, where the ideal of the nuclear family began .. show full overview
From Hippie to Yuppie
Episode overview
How social divisions, the recession and rising unemployment led to an upsurge in racism, which in turn resulted in the birth of such populist movements as the Anti-Nazi League. Also .. show full overview
Buy Buy Baby
Episode overview
Exploration of the rise in materialism during the decade, revealing how the increasing number of cars on the road led to more freedom and higher spending power all over the country. .. show full overview
Money Money Money
Episode overview
The rise of British consumerism during the decade as American products and ideas such as credit cards, and fast-food restaurants were made readily accessible to the public, spelling .. show full overview
The Decade That Taste Forgot
Episode overview
The final programme in the documentary series examines the musical styles and fashion trends of the 1970s, including the rise of glam rock, the emergence of punk and the increased .. show full overview