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Black and Blue
Episode overview
The first of the REBUS programmes introduces the Scottish Detective Inspector John Rebus as he untangles the various strands of the interwoven web of criminal intrigues from Leith, .. show full overview
The Hanging Garden
Episode overview
Drugs, gang warfare, bombings, prostitution and white slavery are just some of the activities which two gang leaders have in common. And Rebus hits the streets to sort out the conflicts .. show full overview
Dead Souls
Episode overview
Rebus is confronted with baffling questions of pedophiles, child abuse, missing persons, a former sweetheart, fire bombs, mobs, a gay cross-dresser, and all amid the personal loss of an .. show full overview
Mortal Causes
Episode overview
The motto of the Scottish kings - Nemo mi impune lacessit ("Don't Mess With Me") sets the tone for this story. It's payback time for DI John Rebus in his pact with the crime underlord .. show full overview