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  • France 2
  • Adventure Drama History Mini-series Romance War



1795-1800 The Song of Departure
Episode overview
1818, Saint Helena. Exiled in the middle of the South Atlantic, Napoleon remembers the time when he was just a young general without pay: his ambitions, his republican convictions, his .. show full overview
1800-1807 The Sun of Austerlitz
Episode overview
Paris 1800, Christmas Eve. Napoleon, First Consul, narrowly escapes an attack. Advised by Talleyrand, his minister, he organised the kidnapping and arrest of the Duc d'Enghien, cousin of .. show full overview
1807-1812 The Emperor of Kings
Episode overview
Will the blood shed in Eylau be enough to establish a lasting peace? Napoleon wants to believe it when he meets Tsar Alexander and the two men become friends. However, the durability of .. show full overview
1812-1821 The Immortal of Saint Helena
Episode overview
The snow surprised the Grande Armée in the immensity of the Russian plain. The disaster is such that the enemies of France demand that the Emperor renounce all of his conquests. Napoleon .. show full overview