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Interview On the Set
Episode overview
Check out interviews with the cast on the set of Mob City, including acclaimed filmmaker Frank Darabont.
Character: Joe Teague
Episode overview
Jon Bernthal discusses his character Joe Teague on Mob City.
Character: Bugsy Siegel
Episode overview
Ed Burns discusses his character Bugsy Siegel on Mob City.
Character: Ned Stax
Episode overview
Milo Ventimiglia discusses his character Ned Stax on Mob City.
Character: Jasmine Fontaine
Episode overview
Alexa Davalos discusses her character Jasmine Fontaine on Mob City.
Character: Mickey Cohen
Episode overview
Jeremy Luke discusses his character Mickey Cohen on Mob City.
Behind the Scenes
Episode overview
Take a special look into acclaimed filmmaker Frank Darabont's captivating portrayal of L.A. noir and the characters of TNT's Mob City through interviews with actors and behind the scenes footage.
Mob City: On Location in Los Angeles
Episode overview
Acclaimed filmmaker Frank Darabont and cast members discuss what it was like shooting TNT's Mob City in Los Angeles and what makes it the ideal setting to portray 1940s L.A. noir.
Making of Mob City
Episode overview
Take a special look inside the making of TNT's Mob City.