Marley's Ghosts

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  • Gold
  • Comedy Fantasy



Dead Man's Chest
Episode overview
Marley moves into her new home and receives a visit from a handsome policeman and the local Neighbourhood Watch, while her ex-lover Michael's past comes back to haunt him.
Marley's attempts to befriend her neighbours are disrupted by her wayward niece. Adam, Michael and the Vicar have a night out.
Blind Sided
Episode overview
A courtroom drama causes Marley to try and be a better person, but showing emotion doesn't prove easy. Meanwhile a new ghost in town offers Adam, Michael and the Vicar a chance of a new life away from Marley.
The Art Teacher
Episode overview
Marley and Adam go to war over Marley's determination to find someone actually alive to love. Meanwhile, a surprise nude painting causes problems for the gang.
Episode overview
When Marley realises her childhood imaginary friend, Carly, was actually a ghost, we meet a new addition to the gang. But will her attraction to Adam break Marley's world apart?
Episode overview
Set against a backdrop of the local nativity play, some shocking news sets Adam and Michael against each other. By the end of this episode, things will never be the same for Marley and her ghosts.