Face to Face (2019)

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  • Crime Drama Mystery Thriller



The Private Clinic
Episode overview
Susanne mourns the loss of her daughter. When the doorbell rings, she is confronted by a man John, who wants help to stop smoking. During the hypnosis, John reveals something shocking.
The Police Academy
Episode overview
Susanne seeks out Police Commissioner Richard to tell him about the mysterious man. Richard has no knowledge of the man or cases of murder of young women. But he asks Susanne for a favor.
The Normal House
Episode overview
Susanne meets Officer Louise, who turns out to be a former client, whom she helped after a rape. When Susanne discovers that the police commissioner is calling Louise, she's sure something's wrong.
The Prison
Episode overview
Under the pretext of having to make a psychological assessment, Susanne lies in to confront her ex-husband Bjørn, who is in prison after murdering Frank, who Bjørn thought was their daughter's killer.
The Strip Club
Episode overview
Susanne finds Sapphire at the strip club and finds out she knows the suspected hitman John. But Sapphire is not only a witness - she is also a target.
The Tracker
Episode overview
Susanne desperately needs help finding the girl and contacts CC, a former soldier she has had in therapy for PTSD. Reluctantly, he agrees to track down the girl.
The Train
Episode overview
At the train station, Susanne sees her former colleague Maja and discovers that Maja has had a session with Sapphire and that she is connected to both the Police Commissioner and John.
The Secret Place
Episode overview
John kidnaps Susanne and takes her and Sapphire to a deserted island in the harbor. Bound and in mortal danger, Susanne must use all her psychological abilities to survive.