Face to Face (2019)

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  • Crime Drama Mystery Thriller



The Restaurant
Episode overview
Holger Lang receives a video recording of Christina, his protégé and potential heir, being murdered. Holger immediately understands the connection to his beloved little brother Markus.
The Apartment
Episode overview
Holger rushes to Markus' apartment to find Liz - the faithful and loyal corporate lawyer. Holger discovers that Liz has been helping Markus with a particular contract that could cause the firm great damage.
The Construction Site
Episode overview
Holger discovers that there is a vicious quid pro quo underneath the friendly talk with Otto. He works to expose Otto's hypocrisy, but discovers that he himself has betrayed his friend.
Lang Towers
Episode overview
Holger interrupts a meeting led by Rupert and his twin sister Beatrice - his younger stepsister. Holger confronts them with their potential plan to dispose of him.
The Pub
Episode overview
Holger is in a hurry to uncover Markus' secret deal when he is stopped by police chief Richard. He wants to talk to Markus because he had a relationship with the hitman who murdered Christina.
The Golf Club
Episode overview
Holger seeks out his rival, Mallström, and forces his way onto his helicopter. Mallström confesses to the plan to destroy the Lang Enterprise, but he has no idea what else Markus was up to.
The Kingdom
Episode overview
Holger wants to meet Markus one last time. His first wife Camilla works as a doctor at the National Hospital and he tries to persuade her to give him access to the morgue.
The Family Mansion
Episode overview
Holger drives to the family mansion. His mother Elisabeth is angry with him for not turning himself in. She proves her innocence to Holger - but then he makes a surprising discovery.